Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Mirror Fight

Despite of his neat-freak-ness, H wasn't actually the type of person who takes a lot of time getting ready everyday. Five years of marriage, I can honestly tell that he never own a hair comb, because he never comb his hair! He never used hair gel, hair cream, hair spray whatsoever. Every morning he will just using his fingers setting his hair a bit, and he's ready to go. I envy him sometimes, so easy yet he still looked presentable.

Until one freaking day, when he decided to change his hairstyle....

From this simple look....

.....to a Harvey Specter haircut amboi diaaa...

Me trying to kiss my own Harvey Specter hahaha janganlah geli :p

I have to agree that this style suits him well and happy to see the change, until when I realized that I no longer have the dressing table all for myself... T__T

This morning when I was taking my own sweet time getting dressed, putting on my make up and styling my shawl in front of a mirror in our bedroom, I saw this Harvey Specter came behind me and impatiently asked,

"Are you done yet?" What's with this dressing police.....

"Gunalah cermin kat luar tuuu.." I replied, rolling my eyes. We do have another big mirror in the living room anyway, biasanya memang beliau akan guna cermin luar tu.

"Leceh siap kat sana, nak kena bawa barang barang ni pergi depan pulak," kata beliau. What barang barang? It's only sikat dan krim rambut while I have to bring all my cosmetics over there not to mention the brooches, needless...

"Why are you taking so long? Dari Subuh tadi siap tak ready lagi?" leter beliau.

"I'm the only girl in the house of course I take a lot of time to get ready!" I'm so not gonna give in, I'm a lady and I can have as much time as I want.

"That's the point! You're the only girl in the house so you have to obey the majority!" he said, laughing cynically like he's already won the argument.

"Fine, fine.." I annoyingly moved away, dah siap pun anyway.

Pergi ruang tamu, tengok kat cermin besar nampak shawl aku macam singkat sangat pula. Trying to adjust in front of that mirror, macam tak puas hati. Masuk balik bilik pergi depan cermin.

"Excuse me," I said, moving him a little bit so that I can have some space.

He looked at me and said in an annoying tone, "Looks like someone has violated our mirror agreement"

Hahahaha. Mirror what? Sejak bila entah ada mirror agreement. Totally make my day.

Perempuan ni siap bukan main lama, bila ambil gambar still guna filter effect juga :p



  1. hehehe...selamat berebut cermin setiap pagi.
    semoga hasben saya tak tukar dia punya hair style sebab sama macam ur husband before this. keke

    1. Itulah! Dulu memang cermin tu I punya sorang sorang je..

  2. bahaha..husband etty mmg rambut keras kejung..xleh sentuh..haha so xkan berubah dh kot hairstyle dia..kalu x gel mmg ucuk acam je nmpk haha..so pagi2 mmg berebut cermin tu..haha..

    1. Hahaha samalah dgn my husband skrg. Keras kejung je rambut, and makin kerap pula dia minta shampukan rambut, I kan shampoo girl dia. Dulu sebulan sekali kot shampu rambut ;)

  3. Suami akak is in army, so yang paling penting bagi dia rambut memang tak boleh panjang, tak boleh sideburn dan most of all tak boleh simpan jambang. No mirror arguements here. Cuma kalau dia cuti tu boleh taulaa, habis jadi serabai. So yes, I prefer him in his working clean cut mode

    1. Alaa kesiannya tak leh simpan jambang, jambang kan maskulin haha. Itulah, askar lagilah kena jaga bab rambut rambut ni..