Sunday, April 26, 2009

why should i care?

mood:harsh+sick of it

planning on sumthing.
i dont care what they say.
i know myself better.
i dont need any sort of male-chauvinist advice.they never know how much i've struggled to be at this stage.
they never know how much i've suffered.
what had happened,
probably some are due to my mistakes.
but i didnt ever regret.
it just a part of life.
when u involved sumone else in ur world.

what done is done.
there's no use looking back.
i'm all by my own, i do every decision for my living.i've my own flaws,
but i learnt from that.
even thru the hardest way.
i know what i'm doing.
dont act like u know me very well.
even mama never criticized me blindly.
dont mess with my life,
cuz i never hold any interest with yours.
please respect my stand,
it should never even be your concern.

try to act like a bestfriend who knows me inside out?
sorry, i have ENOUGH bestfriends who sincerely care about me..
looking cheerful all the time, doesnt mean that i'm emotionless!
that u can say anything wif no regard of my sensitivity..
u know what?
it hurts...

p.s: being alone? yes i'm scared, but i'm strong..

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Sweet 18 =p

Yelah2.. Fine, its 24 :) muda lagi kan? kan2? hehe..

New resolutions;
  • Smile more often :D
  • Helping more people with every chance i got!
  • Less clumsy (heels termasuk dalam lubang, restart pc instead of shutting it down, saying YES to the simple thing that supposed to be NO, sending sms to the wrong person.. urgghh.. no more after this ok!)
  • More financially organized (ni macam berat sikit je nak buat ni.. hik*)
  • More competetive among those skillful engineers :)
  • Be stronger (nak kena pergi site kat pedalaman sabah tu, so kena la jadi gagah perkasa :p)
  • Erm.. the word 'stronger' above tu, maybe referring to my inner side kot..
  • Turunkan berat bdn!!!!!!!
  • Read as much as possible. 
  • Be the best aunty for my kids!
  • Be the best sister for my 2 lil' brothers n sister.
  • Be the best daughter to my parents. (asik2 Kakna je mendapat pujian.. huhu)
  • The super-intelligent Dr. Hana Hadzarami (i envy her seriously.. *struggle!*)
  • Stay healthy so that I can look after my parents longer :)
  • Positive-thinking mode continues!
  • Enjoy life to the max, appreciate people around me, live young, n happy always! =)
New book begins, its a very long way to go.. Happy Birthday Princess! Sweet 18 :) Haha, tiba2 jadi lagi muda dari Man dan Lah sure bengang je adik2ku yg besar macam gergasi tu.. :p

Little brothers? not so little pun kan? :p from left: Lah, 20 & Man, 22

GOD BLESS!! (^_^)

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Bestfriend Forever

Hehe.. For most people, the words 'bestfriend forever' are just something usual & ordinary, but in my family that words are something so funny and we always make fun of it. The story began here, when there was one fine day that my 5-year-old niece Aina declared that her 6-year-old brother Irfan is her bestfriend forever, but Irfan beria2 menafikan hahaha. Malu la tu, maklum la depan rakan2 sebaya. Tak macho la bestfriend forever dgn adik pompuan! Hahah! But looking at these pictures below, kan ke sangat obvious that they're totally bestfriend forever??

Everytime keluar makan mesti nak duduk sebelah2 :)

Walaupun bergaduh, tetap nak share 1 seat dlm kereta :)

Main pun sama2 :)
Swimming pun sama2 :)

Tidak ketinggalan berganding bahu bergotong royong sama :p

Sama2 comot makan birthday cake. Haha :p

and yang paling tak tahan, posing pon nak sama! =))
Alaina Izzahdurra+Abdullah Mohammed Al-Irfan=Bestfriend forever!

Bestfriend forever with Antina :)