Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Sweet 18 =p

Yelah2.. Fine, its 24 :) muda lagi kan? kan2? hehe..

New resolutions;
  • Smile more often :D
  • Helping more people with every chance i got!
  • Less clumsy (heels termasuk dalam lubang, restart pc instead of shutting it down, saying YES to the simple thing that supposed to be NO, sending sms to the wrong person.. urgghh.. no more after this ok!)
  • More financially organized (ni macam berat sikit je nak buat ni.. hik*)
  • More competetive among those skillful engineers :)
  • Be stronger (nak kena pergi site kat pedalaman sabah tu, so kena la jadi gagah perkasa :p)
  • Erm.. the word 'stronger' above tu, maybe referring to my inner side kot..
  • Turunkan berat bdn!!!!!!!
  • Read as much as possible. 
  • Be the best aunty for my kids!
  • Be the best sister for my 2 lil' brothers n sister.
  • Be the best daughter to my parents. (asik2 Kakna je mendapat pujian.. huhu)
  • The super-intelligent Dr. Hana Hadzarami (i envy her seriously.. *struggle!*)
  • Stay healthy so that I can look after my parents longer :)
  • Positive-thinking mode continues!
  • Enjoy life to the max, appreciate people around me, live young, n happy always! =)
New book begins, its a very long way to go.. Happy Birthday Princess! Sweet 18 :) Haha, tiba2 jadi lagi muda dari Man dan Lah sure bengang je adik2ku yg besar macam gergasi tu.. :p

Little brothers? not so little pun kan? :p from left: Lah, 20 & Man, 22

GOD BLESS!! (^_^)


  1. aduntorinas a.k.a. don corleanApril 15, 2009 at 12:59 AM

    Ouh! today is ur bufday? Nape tak beritau awai2 boleh saya kirimkan kek utk awak princess...hehe:p anyway 24, wow! ala still young & still energetic (boleh la d hantar ke pedalaman Sabah tuh). Ermm bgsnya, manyak new resolution tapikan semua macam membina semngat diri je. Ia musti ada not only to build ur innerself but also to build ur greatness of life. Well, luas maknanya ni, it can contains, urself,ur now life & ur future life. Aha, sure still macam2 blur2kan. But nvermine, from time to time u will understand wut this is means.

    But in short & simple, from me to ur heart princess, be "Someone that different from someone". Meaning, care with wut u have, rich with wut u enjoy, share with wut ur pleasure & luv with wut u survive.

    Again, "EppY BufDay! EppY BuFDaY! EppY BuFDaY! To My SwEEt & BeauTiFuL PrinceSS"

  2. Happy Birthday Husna Zara!!!!

    sweet 18 (+6)!!!

  3. dear my beloved chubby baby sister, should i remind u the scene yg sgt selalu terjadi bila kita hang out jenjalan?

    "eyh adik badik ke? mane 1 kakak ni?"

    or scene time abg ensem streamyx dtg umah psg internet,

    "la awk kakak ke? ingat die tu kakak awk"

    haha :)) whether u try to accept that i'm looking younger, or u've to admit that u're looking older. haha! :p

  4. Hmm..u not older than ur sis la maira..u just look more mature kot..huhuhu :)

    (no hard feeling ek una..u y ckp camtu kt i..hehe)