Sunday, June 14, 2009


Me: Ma, ada 1 rak buku tak pasang lagi kan? Dikna nak assemble boleh?
Mama: Buat apanya, yang kau buat sepah2 ni apesal?
Me: Ala dah takde tempat la nak letak buku2 Dikna ni.
Mama: Mana ada space nak letak rak buku kau dah. Kau tengom la makin sempit dah bilik ni.
Me: Ala rak magazine mama tu letak kat lain la, rak Dikna letak situ.
mama: Byk cantik kau.
me: Memang cantik pun :D

Yeaaa, bulan ni saya ada banyak buku baru. Dah tak tau nak letak mana. Seronok betul la, rasa macam hidup sentiasa terisi :) Reading is my true passion, last month saya mati kutu betul bila semua buku saya habis baca, rasa macam boring gila taktau nak buat apa. Suddenly this month datang banyak lak buku. Thank God.

These are a gift from my friend, Epi. It's soo thoughtful of you bro, thanks! :D You know how much i appreciate it! (i think i've fall in love with Edward Cullen the more i read this :p)

-If You Could See Me Now-
Sekarang tengah struggle nak habiskan buku ni walaupun tak best. Cause i just realized that the main character in this story bercinta dgn someone invisible or some sort of imaginary friend. Tak sesuai la dengan pemikiran saya.

-My Sister's Keeper-
Ni Mama punya novel baru, Kakna hadiahkan. Tal abca lagi, tapi Mama cakap sangat best la. Dah dijadikan movie pun. Baca summary at the back pun memang macam best la :)

-Remember Me?-
Yeah, as usual Sophie Kinsella never disappoint us. Sangat best la, i've just bought another 1 entitled Can You Keep A Secret? as well, tapi ada kat Kakna dia pinjam :)

Dan selain buku2 baru, saya juga dah pakai bookmark yang baru. Dah lebih setahun kan saya pakai yang lama tu. For some people, there's no big deal about bookmark, they can use anything to mark the page they've read (my dear guy pernah guna pembalut gula2 je as his bookmark :/). But not for me, i take bookmark that i'll be using seriously. Kalau bookmark yang saya biasa pakai tu hilang, rasa tak bersemangat langsung nak membaca (mengada2 :p).

My old bookmark: given by my ex together with his birthday present during my 23rd birthday party. Mind u, i love it not because of the person who gave it to me, but definitely because the words written on it. Spirit! :)

My new one! Given by someone i just know on the flight to Tawau last week (it comes together with his name card :p). Cute, isn't it? He sat next to me on the plane. Well, its worth being friendly, i'm telling u :))

That's all for now, got a lot of things to do, and loads of books i've to catch up. *SO HEAVEN*. Well, the quote for the day is: BETTER BE UNBORN THAN UNTAUGHT. Happy reading!

Monday, June 8, 2009

The One

I'm happy.
I'm glad.
I'm completely in high spirits.
I'm feeling great.
I'm so contented!
What a blissful life :)
Everything happens the way i desired.
I realy feel complete.
One step at a time,
Now I have everything I ever wished for.
A very close+loving+supportive family.
A career that i really love.
The bestfriends who care a lot,
Who still in touch no matter how busy we're.
The one who makes things easier, makes my day everyday,
The reason for each & every big smile i have =)
Yes, THE ONE..

~Gratitude with gratification~

P/S: ich liebe dich MHR :)

Monday, June 1, 2009


.....she relaxed back in her chair and gazed out of the window in the plane appreciating how beautiful the world down below. she tot about what she had learned, who she once was and who she had now become. she was a woman who had been given advice from the one she loved, who had taken it and tried her hardest to help heal herself. she now had a job that she loved and felt confident within herself to reach what she wanted..

she was a woman who made mistakes, who sometimes cried for reasons in the middle of the nights alone in bed. she was a woman often became bored with her life and found it hard to get up for work in the morning. she was a woman who more often than nor had a bad hair day, who looked in the mirror and wondered why she couldn't just drag herself to the gym more often; she was a woman who sometimes questioned what reason had she to live in this planet. she was a woman who sometimes just got things wrong..

on the other hand, she was a woman with a million happy memories, who knew what it was like to experience luv and who was ready to experience more life, more luv and make new memories. whether it happened in ten months or ten years, she would just obey what had written by God. whatever lay ahead, she knew she would open her heart and follow where it led her..

in the mean time, she would just live...

*P.S. I Love You *