Friday, June 3, 2011

Day 1: Introduce, recent picture of yourself, 15 interesting facts.

This is supposed to be the first entry I posted for this blog, but anyways.. Yeah.

I'm Husna Hadzarami. My fullname is Noorul Husna Hadzarami. When I was in the primary school, I've once hated my name since I always found that the other kids make fun of the spelling Noorul as they purposely pronounced as No-O-Rul thus I had to always explained that the Noo should be pronounce as Nu, as the double O's in look, and spoon, and foot, and-- Oh my God do I have to explain this again????

OK that was the first interesting facts about me. Not much interesting though, I know, and there's another 14 to go :/

I have a plump fingers and round-shaped nails. I never look nice wearing henna (inai) even during my wedding evenworse when the henna's color turned out very terrible. It makes my fingers and nails looked even uglier T___T. OK still not an interesting fact to share. Next!

I have a passion of staring at beautiful woman rather than good looking guy. Is that make me gay?

I'm fickle-minded. Needless to say, you can tell from my previous entries. And I think I've make my husband annoyed and tired. I hope he still loves me T_T

I think I have an obsessive-compulsive disorder. Eg: Every morning my husband will start the car engine first waiting for me to do my make up and everything. Being the last person at home, after I walk out I tend to go back in just to check whether I've switching off all the electricity. It happens several times a day. And I tend to wash my hands very regularly till my palm has become rough due to too much in touch with water and soap :(

I'm fighting with myself to boost my self-esteem. Yes I have a very low confidence level thus everytime I feel out of place I tend to talk to myself too much saying something like, "He/she is no better than me so don't be afraid" or "Be yourself Husna, you're not too bad anyway" or "Keep smiling, they won't notice how nervous you are" and on and on and on..

I have a love-hate feelings toward Justin Bieber. I hate it when there's too much gossips about him, about the type of girls he like, like, come on, you're just 17! Yet, I still love to listen to his song :/ At least aku mengaku suka Justin Bieber bukan macam orang tu suka tengok the Kardashians tapi taknak mengaku.

I'm not a good civil engineer. I think my mom makes a better engineer than me. It showed when we were discussing about renovating our house, Mama knows about engineering stuffs a lot it makes me feel like a dumb talking to her T_T. I guess cheating in examination had cost me now experience beats youth, big time.

I really envy those having the beauty and the brain. It's just too perfect. Envy envy envy envy envy!!!!!

Everytime I've published anything at my blog, I tend to read thoroughly the post again, checking every single spelling and grammar, and making correction, and publish again, and read the whole post again, and editing again, until I've had enough of it. Still I believed there are grammatical error here and there which I didn't notice and hoping that someone can correct me.

I always have a fear of not being a good mother. As I used to be a bad daughter once upon a time.

I also have a huge fear of not making it during delivery time. Selalu jugak pesan, "Abang, if I didn't make it, can you promise to take a real-real good care of the baby, can you promise to be a good parents?". Orang cakap, waktu bersalin ni chances are 50-50. 50% kita selamat dan hidup, 50% lagi.. And it makes me cry everytime :'(

Hmm. Dah berapa ni? Rasa macam dah banyak sangat dah tapi baru 12 rupanya T_T Cukuplah kot. Recent picture of myself:


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