Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Excited Parents-To-Be

Eversince I got pregnant, my husband is having an obsession of talking to our baby like 24-7; I bet when the baby is born he will most likely recognize my hubby's voice rather than mine T_T

Every single morning he will start the day with kissing my baby bump, caress it gently and say, "Assalamualaikum Sayang. Dah bangun ke? Bangun laa, pergi sekolah.. blablabla..." and will be very excited when the baby is suddenly moving like giving response to his voice.

And there are quite some times that the Daddy is lecturing the baby with his 'words of wisdom' like;

"Baby anak sulung, nanti kena jaga adik-adik. Macam Daddy dulu, besar tau tanggungjawab anak sulung ni."


"Baby nanti kena sayang Mummy tau, jangan lawan cakap Mummy.." (lepas dengar khutbah Jumaat pasal 'pengorbanan ibu')

or bila baby asyik bergerak masa dalam kereta,

"Baby seronok ke jalan-jalan dengan Daddy? Nanti baby dah besar baby pulak kena bawak Daddy jalan-jalan naik kereta baby tau."

or lepas solat berjemaah kat rumah,

"Baby nanti ikut Daddy pergi solat kat surau sama-sama ye.."

or bila tengah stress pasal study,

"Baby nanti belajar betul-betul tau, jangan dah kerja baru nak sambung belajar macam Daddy. Susah nanti."

Tssk.. T_T

Poor my little angel, belum lahir lagi dah dihujani dengan pelbagai tanggungjawab. Nanti lahir berkerut-kerut kening sebab stress sangat T__T. Maka terpaksalah aku mengambil watak the cool Mummy, bila beliau dah takde je cepat-cepat aku cakap balik dengan baby,

"Sayang don't worry too much okay, you can always enjoy being a kid. Mummy will have your back."

Heh heh heh. Cool tak cool tak? Tapi bila fikir-fikir balik entah-entah aku sebenarnya yang akan jadi the nagging Mummy nanti :/

Seeing how excited my husband with our little one is so amusing it makes me smile everytime. But I can't help feeling nervous too. Sometimes I think we're ready enough to be parents, but there's also times that I feel like we're not ready at all! So I'm setting my mind that when we actually being parents, there will always a new challenge everyday, so we can never be completely prepared. So instead of worrying too much about the future, maybe it's better to just embrace every single moment I'm having now and just go with the flow. Like what my doctor said last evening, "When the time comes, you will naturally know what to do." Banyakkan berdoa, because no matter how prepared we think we are, at the end of the day Dia juga yang menentukannya.



    Seriously kak Una. Tulisan you nih buatkan i menangis sebab thinking how my future would be!

  2. huhu =) best la baca,,,excited nye kan sambut orang baru...anyway tahniah ...semoga semuanya selamat..amin