Tuesday, February 9, 2010


When the happiness is slowly fading..
When the hero gives in..
When she finally realized the fairytales lovestory is no longer exist..

Well, it was raining very heavily outside.
I drove my way home empty-heartedly.
The wipers are broken i could barely see in front.
But i couldn't care much of it.

Tears stream down my face...

Is everything will get better if i stay..?

Ok enough crying.
Got a lot better things to do.


  1. and
    u know better, superwoman.


    owh, fix the wipers,please.

  2. do the better thing..
    n stop crying..

    i noe u damn strong..

  3. Nape ni una? I can feel ur grief...Hmmm,whatever it is, plz be strong kay! :)

  4. Cry as much as you want. Cry till the whole world flooded with your tears. Do it once, and then stop.

    Enough is enough.

    Nothing solve by crying. It is like a pain killer, that will kill you at the end; if you keep taking the same pain killer unnecessarily.
    Pain is a 'joy' of relationship.
    You learn few 'precious' thing while you in trouble.

    That's why trouble should be seen as 'trouble' itself. It is a challenge.

    This suppose to be simple for those who have a big 'S' on her chest.
    come on, nothing is purely unsolved here gurl!

    Should you stay or not? You smart enough to decide. There will be no new beginning if there is no fullstop. But. Everything always look greener from outside, but don't from inside. so think smart without too many emotional distraction, then move on!

  5. Please.. please.. please.. kamu jangan nakal.. (e'eh.. ada kaitan ke lagu hah??) :D Husna kan lebih kuat dari saya.. :D

  6. what happened with previous entries you wrote about en. hanis?

    i thought both of u are really happy.

    sad to hear you guys broke up.

    i've been blog-walking both you and hanis's blog a while now.

    whatever it is, move on.

    got to look what en. hanis write in his blog.

  7. erkk,,,
    apa dah jadi ni


  8. kak una. 1 thing for sure, u know urself better. i pon tgh ade problem. god, i wish u were here. :(

  9. waaah. igtkan da lame tinggalkan zaman puitis. hahaha,