Thursday, August 14, 2014


Remember in this entry I mentioned that my husband and I, we have a one dedicated purse to keep the money for all house expenses that we share together? 

I left it at the foodcourt nearby our place, last Thursday night, and realized it only 4 days later!

We were about to go out for dinner last Monday when H asked, “Beg duit rumah ada dalam kereta B ke?” We look for it in our house, in our cars’ dashboard, everywhere, totally forgotten when was the last time we use money from that purse. 

Suddenly it hits me, “Ya Allah last sekali kita bawa masa pergi makan kat food court laaaa...!” I feel weak and so guilty, because it is the money we are going to use for the rest of the month even more when thinking that we’re in tight budget since we both currently saving to buy a new house so to lose that purse is the last thing we want at this moment. 

I suggested to try our luck by asking around anyway, even if in my heart I was so doubt that we can found it because it has been 4 days and there’s no identification card inside; there are only about RM800 cash (as per H’s thinking), Tesco card, Aeon Big card all those supermarket cards we have. On our way there H already preached that if it’s no longer there just take it as it’s not our ‘rezeki’. We always do that in this kind of situation anyway, if it’s ours, it will be ours and vice versa, just to make us feel better and have faith that Allah knows what is best for us. 

We tried asking at the stall that we had a dinner last Thursday, she said that usually they don’t clean the table themselves, they have people who will do it for all stalls and pointing out to a group of teenagers wearing all black at the corner, looking like mat rempits, “Hah diorang la yang bersihkan meja”, the lady said. H looked at me, as if trying to say “Kalau budak budak ni yang kemas meja dan jumpa, memang takkan dapat balik la duit tu”, or at least that was what in my mind at that moment (I feel so bad now actually, for judging them by their looks). One girl came out from the group, “Akak ada tertinggal purse ke? Yang bunga bunga tu kan? Saya jumpa hari tu” 

Long story short, we managed to get back the purse with all the money inside. The girl was so nice and humble, apparently she was just finished SPM from one boarding school at Kelantan. 

Moral of the story; 
1. Never be clumsy again. 
2. NEVER EVER judge a book by its cover. Not all teenagers wearing black and walk in group are mat rempits T__T. They might have a bigger heart than many of us. 
3. Always have faiths that if it is meant to be, it is meant to be. Be it your rezeki, something you always long for, or someone you love. If it is meant to be yours, it will eventually come to you no matter what happened.

Knowing how careless I can be, from now on the purse, the flowery purse will always be under my husband's care. 'Macho'ness aside, as long we don't lose our money again :p


  1. rezeki dr Allah... tarik kejap je. pastu bg balik. nasib budak tu baik.

  2. True. Lucky that she found and kept it all this while. Maybe it's His reminder for me to be careful next time ;)