Monday, August 18, 2014

Getting Along

For the first one year Adam Muaz was born, Ammar Yusuf wasn’t much of a loving big brother. Ammar Yusuf is a type of boy who loves to be with someone older than him; he didn’t like babies as babies couldn’t understand what he’s saying, he basically loves to be the youngest so that he can continues bossing around -____-“  

Initially, I was a little bit worried, especially when seeing other people’s children who can get along very well, you know, how the eldest be so protective towards their little siblings which was unlikely to happen to Ammar Yusuf. For most other children, usually they will scream and cry whenever people pretend to take their younger sibling away, but for Ammar Yusuf, everytime our friends and family asked him, “Aunty ambil Adik bawa balik ye?”, he’ll be like, “Okay!” with a big smile, he just couldn’t care less T__T

However eversince our long Raya holidays recently, I’ve seen a lot of difference in their ‘unique’ relationship. Maybe because both of them are not so friendly with unfamiliar faces, whenever we spend our time visiting our relatives these two boys will just sit and play with each other as they left with no choice haha. Their relationship has gradually improved day by day, there have been a lot of Ammar Yusuf cracking jokes and Adam Muaz laughed at it and it goes on and on. It’s really funny actually, because the jokes were usually not that funny but still Adam Muaz laughed wholeheartedly; this boy really adores his big brother :’) 

I presumed that it is all because as Adam Muaz grows up he can now react to conversation instead of just minding his own business when he was a baby, that makes Ammar Yusuf appreciates him more as he can now interact and there’s two-way communication between them. Sometimes Ammar Yusuf is doing something and when he sees his baby brother he’ll be like “Adik jom sini tengok Abang” and Adam Muaz will obediently follows him, he’s such an idol for his little brother :’) Our home has been a lot more fun and lively than it already is, but it also means that it will be double of everything for both my husband and I from now onwards, double the patience, double the house-keeping, as the boys are now tag team in doing things, whatever Abang is doing, Adik will follows at the back doing the same thing grrrr huru hara rumah! 

They are still fighting with each other, wrestling over toys and foods, pulling each other’s hair (or more to Adik pulls Abang’s hair and Abang cries) shouting and screaming (boys will always be boys right? -___-), but Alhamdulillah they have started to get along well and I believe they will grow up loving and protecting each other like what siblings are supposed to be. 

Soo.... since these two brothers are already getting along well, I think it's about time to proceed to Baby No.3 hahaha kidding guys, kidding =))