Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Man's Getting Married!

One of my baby brothers is getting married this weekend. Man and I, we have a lot of fond memories, as I was so close to him compared to anyone else in the family (before my baby sister is born).

(Picture from his IG)

Growing up, he has always been a good son; he was naughty nonetheless I lost count how many times my parents were asked to come to school due to his disciplinary problems but amazingly he scored straight A’s for most major examinations. No matter how troublesome he was then, he always honors his relationship with our parents. I think that is the key of his success. 

  • At 27, he has a career with a bigger paycheck than I have now (he’s a pilot, anyway). 
  • At 27, he already own a house that he rent out (going to buy another one for investment)
  • Besides his steady career, he also runs several other businesses that he collaborates with his good friends. 
  • He bought a Civic for our father 
  • Whenever Baba shared with us about any investment plan/new businesses he's the one will participate without hesitation just to make Baba happy 
  • He initiates a plan to build a dream house for our parents. 
  • When it happens that today is the birthday of any us he suggested that we give a present to our parents for giving birth and raising us, not the other way round 
  • Whenever we girls complained about any of our family members he will just crack a joke, laughs and goes “Takpelah, takyah gaduh gaduh, ada lah tu sebabnya”  

I cannot recall any of the events that he raised his voice to our parents throughout our childhood. I remember when I was 8 or 9 and was so rebellious while he was just 6 or 7, I said to him, “Kalau Mama tanya dah solat ke belum kita cakap dah tau”. Later when Mama asked, I straightaway said “Sudah” and looked at him just to see him reluctantly said, “Emmm tak ingatlah…” HAHAHA I was sooo mad at him at that time for acting so innocent and not stand on my side. Even when he was still a little boy, he’s the one who cares to ask “Mama Baba dah makan ke?” everytime we are about to have our breakfast/lunch/dinner whenever our parents weren’t joining us. He was just kid, but already have a big heart.

“Jaga hubungan dengan Allah, jaga hubungan dengan ibu bapa. InshaAllah berjaya dunia dan akhirat” 

Now he’s getting married to a girl whom we certain will take a good care of him, a good girl that will bring him closer to Allah and will certainly love our parents too. It’s such an overwhelming feeling to welcome a new member to our family; we really look forward into it. It should be fun to have another little sister as an additional to the annoying one I already have now HAHA. 

May Allah ease our journey this weekend :')


  1. assalam..dont forget to update about the wedding ya.. :)