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Friday, August 15, 2014

Foods For The Skin

I always have a thing about women with amazing skin. I envy them, to be perfectly honest. I don’t care if she’s black, short or fat, if she has a great skin tone, she is pretty in my eyes. 

I’m on the other hand, is blessed with a sensitive skin. My skin doesn’t react well with products with fragrance, so I can only use natural/organic products on my face. I have tried a lot of products; nothing suits me well so far. Now, I just stick to product named Simple, only because Mama said this product has been in the market since she was in school, must be good ey? It works fine, just fine, doesn’t do any miracle on my face, but at least I don’t really have acne problem anymore, still, my skin looks so dull, and old :(

Then I decided to take care from the inside, believing that if you don’t put the right things inside your body, you won’t look good outside no matter what products you’re using. Beauty is literally comes from within, don't you agree? So instead of spending hundreds on cosmetics, I started to buy health supplements and collagen, it cost even more expensive you know? But I keep saying to myself that it is okay to splurge on these things in case it works, I don’t have to buy cosmetics anymore :D 

I started with Ephyra. I began to consume Ephyra when I was in confinement, then I stopped for a while and later continued for another 3 months until April 2014 and never continues after that. I stopped because initially I was thinking to switch to other collagens that can be easily found at any drugstore, i.e Kinohimitsu, Soy Collage, etc. Not only they are easy to get, they are also a lot cheaper. I bought Ephyra at RM500 for 3 boxes that can last for 3 months. So the cost is about RM5.55 a day, which I think is quite expensive (I always do this kind of calculation-divide everything per day to see whether it is really worth it :p) . 

My experience with Ephyra…. Well, the taste was undeniably good, but other than that, I don’t know... maybe it worked in increasing the energy and stamina, but my skin didn’t really improve. Maybe 4 months is still too early to judge but I’m not that patient to wait for another few months :/ One thing I realized, I’m not sure if it has anything to do with Ephyra, but Adam Muaz has become sooooo hyper and my husband said it was my fault for consuming Ephyra during breastfeeding, not only it increases my energy level, it did the same to Adam Muaz too T__T 

After I stopped, I have yet to continue with any health supplement, I just take 500mg of vitamin C daily. My skin is just, dull as always. My tired eyes are just making it worse; I look older than my age T__T It’s not that I want to look young forever; I just want to be age appropriate. 

Now I’m still looking for types of collagen to give it a try. I’m actually interested to try this, 

The price is reasonable (RM170 for 60 sachets, it’s about RM2.83 per day), the model is rather convincing; my sister has met Dr Halina once and said her skin was soooo flawless like baby bottom! But to be fair, she has been using SKII products for 10 years, so we can’t really say that it’s all because of the collagen, right? 

I’ll give it a try and I’ll let you know later, totally a genuine review hehe. Maybe you can also recommend any health supplements/collagen that makes wonders too?


  1. ferwhite pun ok. pernah try. tp jangan try dew... tak ada apa2 kesan pun.. uhuhuh

    1. Okay Ferwhite and Dew, will take note on that. Thanks!

  2. u can try to take any vitamin E supplement in the market as low as 40 mcg will works wonder insya allah for the skin. or u can use Organic E facial wash too.

    1. Yeah my mom says the same thing too! Vitamin E supplement. What brand is recommended ey?

    2. kak una, hari tu kita ada nampak kat farmasi satu brand ni nama organic aid. ade facial wash vitamin e, krim muka vitamin e. harga pun berpatutan kita tengok. :)

  3. husna, its me..k.yani,,dulu roommate su kt jengka.xtau la husna ingat lg ke tak kn. btw, k.yani nk tnya, skrg consume collegen pe? sbbnya, ephyra pun k,yani dh penah try.. nan hado kesan yg memberangsangkan pon..uwawwwawa...