My Bucket List

30 things I want to do before I turn 30
  1. Learn to swim. (Checked!)
  2. Learn to sew
  3. Own a house. (Checked!)
  4. Learn Mandarin.
  5. Go snorkeling and experience marine life up close and personal.
  6. Start running and complete a marathon.
  7. Travel to at least three different countries. 
  8. Climb a hill or a mountain.
  9. Get better in Photoshop.
  10. Re-read and try to understand the entire Al-Quran together with Tafsir.
  11. Have at least four-figures amount in my saving account.
  12. Be a volunteer to charitable organizations or spend time helping unfortunate children at the hospitals.
  13. Pay off more than half of my student loan.
  14. Buy something ridiculously expensive (handbags/gadgets/etc).
  15. Finish every unread or half-read book in this house.
  16. Get our house renovated or at least painted.
  17. Go on a hot air balloon ride.
  18. Have a skin-care regimen and an exercise routine.
  19. Be able to cook at least one really great meal.
  20. Work in a career that I love.
  21. Bring my kid(s) to Disneyland!
  22. Get ear pierce.
  23. Attend a professional short-course with certificate that would enhance my resume.
  24. Have an oven and bake very frequently.
  25. Donate blood. (Checked!)
  26. Overcomed my phobia towards cats.
  27. Speak a better English on daily basis with my husband and kid(s).
  28. Make a significant change in someone's life.
  29. Don’t be limited by the thoughts and ideas of others — live my own life without regrets

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