Saturday, November 28, 2009

Sterotype me :p

Buka balik gambar2 lama dalam laptop to be burnt to DVD, sebab dah penuh sangat kapasiti laptop saya ni sampai takde space dah nak letak new downloaded movie (kantoi buat piracy). And i suddenly realized that i have A LOT of photos in these kind of posture.. Haih..

Tema: Ibu Penyayang Memimpin Anak2 Ke Jalan Yang Benar...

Sesuai tak tema di atas dengan sifat semulajadi beliau? :">

Friday, November 27, 2009

Hari ni beraya, esok kerja (-_-")

Selamat hari raya! And raya haji bagi kami sekeluarga biasanya disambut biasa saja. Saya pakai baju raya puasa hari tu je, tak ada nak semangat pakai baju baru pun. Pagi2 pergi rumah kakna, pastu pergi Jusco Wangsa Maju, malam pergi rumah Mak Jah sebab maktok ada kat situ. Tu je kot. Esok saya kerja, semua adik beradik sedara mara sahabat handai kutuk saya sebab kerja esok. Huhu.. Whatever la. Memandangkan alasan yang sering digunakan oleh rakan2 sekerja adalah seperti berikut,

"Ala korang kan bujang lagi, buat apa nak cuti lama2. Berkorban la sikit untuk yang dah berumahtangga ni"

Oleh yang demikian saya bertekad untuk segera meminang kekasih saya cepat2 supaya raya tahun depan kami tidak perlu lagi berkorban masuk office dalam pada semua orang masih bercuti. Apa pendapat awak sayang? Erm... tapi cakap kat mak awak jangan la letak hantaran tinggi sangat tau (-_-"). Dah2.. Sewel agaknya malam ni. Tapi saya rasa kalau dah kahwin pun, mereka akan tukar kepada alasan ni pulak,

"Ala korang 2-2 mana ada kampung. Setakat nak balik subang and kampung batu, buat apa nak cuti lama2.."

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa..............!!!!!!! Grrr....

Raya haji ni Arissa dengan Antina dah pakat nak pakai baju pink sama2 supaya kecomelan kami lebih setara. Itu adalah taktik licik kami setiap tahun untuk lebih menyerlah berbanding yang lain2. Tengok gambar bawah. Raya puasa tahun lepas sebenarnya tema kaler brown, tapi kami 2 orang je pakai kaler krim. Dan seperti yang dijangka, ramai yang mencemburui kecomelan dan gaya sofistikated kami. Hahaha =))

Aidilfitri 2008: Antina gojes vs Aicha vogue :)

Monday, November 9, 2009

Dear me..

as we grow up, we learn that even the one person that wasn't supposed to let us down probably will..
you'll have your heart broken, probably more than once, and its HARDER everytime..
you'll break hearts too, so remember how it feels when someone broke yours..
you'll fight with your bestfriend, and maybe even fall in love with them..
you'll blame a new love for things an old one'll cry because time is passing too fast and you'll eventually lose someone close to you..

take too many pictures,
laugh too much,
and love like you've never been hurt..
every 60 seconds you spend angry or upset,
is a minute of HAPPINESS you'll never get back..

Friday, November 6, 2009

A byword of a woman with faith and strong will..

i was having majlis bacaan yasin at home and doa selamat yesterday, for my sister that will undergo an operation to remove her tumor this coming thursday. yes, the tumor that she had silently suffered for almost 7 years. mama had less sleep recently worrying and the rest of us, eventhough we're still laughing and joking as always, the pain is still can be feel inside...

in sense of family matters, i'm not as strong as it seems. in this family, i can be described as the one who used to blow her own horns the loudest, the one whose laughter is the hardest, and not to mention the craziest sister with the craziest jokes all the time. ironically, when it comes to this kind of situation, i am actually the most fragile among my siblings...

its a bit embarassing to admit that i am easily cry everytime Mama mentioning her worries about Kakna, to the extend that mama have to remind me, "nanti depan Kakna kau jangan menangis tau, nanti dia jadi lagi takut lak..". to be frank, my relationship with Kakna is not as close as me and Myra. maybe it is due to the 11 years of age gap between us, while for me and Myra the gap is only 8 years. me and Kakna rarely having a typical sister-sister conversations, we seldom talk about girls' stuffs (boyfriends, make-ups, shoes, handbags etc) as me and Myra used to. i always have different view on things compare to her, but we never fight though. yes, i was grown up having less communication with her. maybe because she used to live outside (boarding schools since she was form 1 and i was only 2 years old, further study at matriculation, to UKM and getting married at the age of 24, exactly as i am today!). so she moved, and makes us become apart. we have different way of thinking, sometimes i think i am strong, but seeing her always make me feel that i'm actually not strong enough. she had always be the trophy in the family, where Mama always take her as an example everytime we talk about achievements. Kakna this, Kakna that. yes, its all about Kakna. its undeniable that she got a very high level of IQ, she is superintelligent and she is rediculously brilliant. i do envy her quite some times, and there was one night when mama is reading thoroughly my degree scroll and other certificates, i suddenly asked, "mama bangga tak dengan dikna?" without any hesitation mama answered, "mesti la, mama bangga dengan semua anak2 mama". i dont even know what leads me to that kind of question, but it really moved me inside and i just turn away my head smiling with tears.

time goes by, and the distance between me and Kakna become thinner, thanks to her kids that raze the gap which seemingly build for years. i can talk about guys, she started to lend me her things, we can laugh about the same jokes - yes, as what sisters normally do. she is one of the person that i come to when i was demoralized and heart-broken a couple of years ago. she always make things seem so easy, she completed her Master's Degree when she already have 5 kids, somemore be the best student for that course! as how competetive i can be, at one point i have to stop myself from being intimidated by her achievement for life, she IS unbeatable. i hardly learn that mama is actually love all of us equally, mama is actually proud of all of us the same way she proud of Kakna.

now, Kakna, again, she's in pain.. and scared. but is keeping everything to herself. far to compare to me that always let out everything, always complaining, always come to mama to share my anxiety and sadness. can u believe that none of us aware of her fear, untill i read her notes, that again makes me cry. and so does mama. she is so strong that she never show us any of her thought. she only told us once about her operation long time ago and simply said, "jangan risau la ma, semua yang bedah tu doktor2 pakar.." so much to avoid us for being too concern of her. she's damn scared indeed, eventhough she's a doctor herself, what more the rest of us as non-medical person?

i'm not going to think about the outcomes of that tumor operation, i refused to think to be completely honest. i dont mind she continuously be the trophy of our family, i dont mind she always be the one that my siblings can talk about with full of pride, i dont mind she is the example that Mama always use for us to follow, i dont mind she always laugh at my things (we are completely different in sense of fashion too), i dont mind and i dont care, as what matters most for me is she comes back home safely after the operation, as long as the operation is successful and as long as the tumor could be removed for good so that she would stop suffering any pain that i cant even imagine hows it feels...

and afterall, i actually proud of her too, and deep inside i do hope that her achievement wont stop there, because anything is always possible for her.. u gonna make it sister! we, our family, will and always pray the best for u!

may ALLAH bless Noorulhana Sukarnakadi Hadzarami~