Tuesday, February 9, 2016


Setuju tak kalau aku kata kepercayaan adalah kunci utama dalam sesuatu hubungan? Rasa percaya dan dipercayai membuahkan satu hubungan yang selesa dan aku rasa tak mungkin sesuatu hubungan itu boleh berjaya tanpa kepercayaan, tak kiralah apa jenis hubungan pun.

Dalam hampir setiap situasi, kita perlukan rasa percaya dan kita perlu keyakinan yang kita dipercayai, then only things can be worked out.

Contohnya dalam pekerjaan, aku tak tahulah orang lain macam mana tapi aku memang perlu rasa dipercayai baru aku boleh bekerja dengan baik. It sucks not to be trusted, because I have been there before, bekerja dengan kelompok yang aku tidak diyakini dan setiap keputusan aku diragui. Di tempat kerja aku sekarang, things were not good all the time and it was undeniably stressful, but one thing that encourages me to stay and be strong is, I feel trusted. My boss values my opinion, I even can object hers by suggesting something else and she accepted it (even if she might not entirely happy with it sometimes) but the point is, I can feel that she trusted me. I loved being trusted, I feel good when she asked me to see her just to get my opinion, I feel needed and inportant.

That is one example of how trust is crucial in our daily life. Trust is the foundation of any strong relationship. Itu baru dalam pekerjaan, dalam perkahwinan lagilah penting. I need to feel trusted, I need to know that my partner has faith in me. Who doesn't? I have seen many people who lived in shady, who hides a lot of things from their partner just because they thought their partner is doing the same towards them too ("Taknaklah bagitahu dia, pun banyak berahsia dengan aku juga"). How can we live in that situation? We don't trust our partner and we believed that our partner didn't trust us too.

Lack of trust leads to so many problems. We started to lie, we started to keep secrets, we started to ask for our personal space. You've been married and you've shared almost everything inside out, what kind of personal space are you talking about? I strongly believed that husbands and wives shouldn't ever asked for personal space.

"Don't check my email, it's my personal space"
"My handphone is my personal space, stay out of it"

Request for some 'me-time' is different than asking for personal space. Asking for some personal space kinda shows how lack of trust you have in each other. I don't know what I'm rambling about now, but I believed TRUST is the main key in everything.

You trust yourselves, you'll succeed.
You trust your partner (and your partner trusted you), your marriage will succeed.
You trust Allah, your life will succeed.

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