Thursday, January 14, 2016

Daddy's Words of Wisdom

Yesterday evening Ammar Yusuf was angry at me in the car for something and he said,

"Abang tak sayang Mummy sampai bila bila!"

I acted like normal, malas nak carried away over words came out from a 5-year old angry boy so I just ignored him.

Later at home, his father approached him, sit together with him and said in a gentle but firm tone,

"Kenapa Abang macam ni? Abang marah pasal apa ni..?"

Ammar Yusuf just be silent and listened attentively. H continued with his usual pep talk about how he should respect everyone, how he should behave to someone older than him, how he should feel guilty for saying such things to his mother. I always leave the nagging pep talk part to my husband, he is a lot better at this sebab aku ni yelah perempuan kan tend to get emotional and I don't want to look weak in front of our children.

H said a lot of things and I just let him be, until he came to my most favourite part, the part which never failed to make me cry. Every. Single. Time.

"Abang tak boleh cakap dengan Mummy macam tu. Mummy yang lahirkan Abang. Menangis nangis Mummy masa nak lahirkan Abang. Sakit tau. Abang tak boleh buat Mummy sedih. Kalau Mummy menangis sebab Abang, berdosa tau Abang..."

Ayat ini memang kerap sebenarnya aku dengar. Tapi setiap kali dengar pun masih sangat menyentuh hati wuwuwuuu.... T___T

It ends with Ammar Yusuf came and apologized to me. Tears stream down my face after that, not because of what my son said to me, but because of what his father said about me.

What an emotional night. Emak sama manja dengan anak macam mana nih. Someone has to be an adult in the house anyway :p

My mirror, my sword and shield.


Arianna Arissya said...

brilliant son.. pandai dia say sorry pd mommy die.. sis.. jemput ke blog sy sis.. sy ada share tentang tips kekal sihat cara yang selamat... jom sis... >>>Kekal Sihat Berseri dengan ayupureslim! <<<

eda Suryani Mustafa said...

im touched. eh tetiba. :)