Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Persuasive Woman

I used to bite my tongue and hold my breath
Scared to rock the boat and make a mess
So I sit quietly, agree politely
I guess that I forgot I had a choice
I let you push me past the breaking point
I stood for nothing, so I fell for everything

(Katy Perry - Roar)

Setiap kali dengar lagu ini memang mengingatkan aku pada siapa aku ketika aku membesar. I was a shy person, I have a very low self-esteem, I don't know how to let out and fight back. I actually knew, but I was scared. I only fight behind, or being rebellious. Tak pandai nak fight depan depan. Aku rasa sampai besar pun aku masih begitu, sampai bekerja. Sampai bertukar kerja. Dan bertukar kerja sekali lagi.

Working here has changed me a lot, I must say. My husband also admitted the same thing, how I am no longer the same person as before. I have changed (it affects me both ways, good and bad). I don't know how to explain, but one thing for sure; working in a bad organization has turns me into a very aggressive, feisty, loud and fearless person. You have to do everything by your own, you have to really speak up for yourselves, and you are pretty much left with no choice. It is good in some ways, and bad in another ways.

The good effects: I know how to stand for myself (standing so strong), it boosts my self-esteem massively and I've become so persuasive I manage to get things done my way.
The bad effects: I get angry so easily, I've become too defensive (sometimes unnecessarily) and it is sad to say that sometimes I've become a very mean person :(

My sister got married last weekend (will blog about this later). My small family and one of my uncle stayed in one service apartment after the wedding which is located just in front of the wedding venue. Habis majlis pun dah lewat malam, tak larat nak drive balik Puchong. When we checked-in the day before, we were told that every apartment entitled only one parking lot, but never been highlighted that it has to be that one and only parking lot and your car will be clamped if you parked at the other parking lot. Yelah kami mana pernah stay at service apartment, kalau kat hotel memang kita diberitahu that we are entitled free parking space tapi tak specify mesti parking kat satu tempat tu je.

Nak dijadikan cerita, during check-out, kami pergi ke parking lot and found that our car has been clamped! Salah parking! Kena bayar RM50 kalau nak remove the clamp! My husband and my uncle tried to be diplomatic and talked nicely to the person in-charged but it leads to nowhere. The person in-charged suddenly got angry telling that he already informed us before that we have to park at the designated parking lot, but I got even angrier! The security guard came, with a receipt book ready to issue us a receipt of RM50. I loudly said that we're not going to pay, that we were not being informed properly, that we should be highlighted about the risk of getting clamped, that we are not the apartment's residents, we are the guests! My voice was so loud and the words were flowing out my mouth so smoothly, even I didn't realize what I was saying.

To my surprise, the security guard stopped writing on the receipt book... He finally gave in to this angry woman! He then explained a bit on how strict the management is. Then I saw him unclamp-ing our car, and let us go. FOR FREE! I was so relieved that it turns out well, sebab kami pernah experience worse yang mana terpaksa jumpa top management untuk berbincang baik baik, etc. My husband said he was so close to just pay the RM50 haha, and when we talked about it at my parents' place later, everyone also said, "Kalau jadi kat aku tu, mesti aku dah bayar je without even arguing."

Tak salah mencuba kan? Kalau berjaya, dapat jimat RM50. Otherwise, bayar jelah RM50. It's not the matter of whether we afford it or not, but it's about standing for our right. Hehe. My sister asked H, "Is that the first time she reacted like that?". H laughed and answered, "No, banyak kali dah". Sepanjang balik ke rumah pun H masih ketawa saying, "I need you la Sayang. I need someone like you to be by my side.." :p

Sometimes it works, but of course there were times that I have to surrender and give in. Worth trying, nonetheless. Stand for yourselves, keep negotiating and you'll be surprised to know how much money you can save :)


Qistin Fadzin said...

Remind me of myself as I'm an advocate for standing up for our own right as well. Have always been & love doing it. But I've also been around those who hate me doing it even if it was for the whole group interest. I learnt to pick my battle. They definitely have lost a good soldier.

Husna Hadzarami said...

Have experienced the same as well. Good advise, pick our battle. Thank you :)