Friday, April 4, 2014

Never Put In Writing

Semenjak habis belajar, aku sudah bekerja dengan tiga buah syarikat, yang mana setiap satunya memang memberikan banyak pengalaman dan pengajaran berguna untuk aku menjadi pekerja/manusia yang lebih baik di masa hadapan.

Satu yang aku paling ingat sampai sekarang, if you are pissed off, like really angry, with your colleagues or even your superior, whether it is due to their works or their attitude, NEVER EVER PUT IT IN WRITING!

Macam mana marah pun kita, jangan lepaskan semuanya dengan cara yang akan meninggalkan bukti. Hehe faham tak. Yes, never use an email.

So how?

Kalau kita rasa marah sangat (you know, we are just human being afterall), you can just see the person, or call the person, marah la gila gila macam mana pun. Kalau ianya berkaitan dengan kerja yang kau rasa tak puas hati gila dengan dia, kau jumpa, or call the related person, solve it between both of you, and bila dah settle dengan orang yang berkenaan then only you write a professional email explaining the situation to other people whomever necessary. Not an emotional email. 

Kadang kadang bila kita terlalu marah, rasa teraniaya, rasa tertindas, we tend to write an emotional email explaining the situation (no matter how professional you think the email is, it usually turns out not) and embarrass yourselves even more. People might read the email in a wrong tone, and they might understand the email not the way you want them to understand, and later they will talk among themselves and really, they will make fun of you. Or even worst, they will forward the email to someone in higher position for their action. It is not good, especially when it involves bad words and all.

But if you call the person, no matter how bad the argument turns out, if the person even reported on you, you can always deny. Yes, just deny. Because there’s no proof at all! Verbal communication can never be used, unless if it is recorded which is unlikely to happen.

Of course it is a lot better if you can be professional and control your emotion from the beginning instead of going crazy calling people here and there. It is just your job anyway, it’s not worth at all to get carried away and losing your pride.

What I’m trying to say is, be careful in writing an email, or Skype (here we use Skype to communicate among us, even with the boss), anything that leaves a proof. I have seen a lot of emotional and embarassing emails throughout the years, and eventhough I believe the sender is innocent/in a right position, I still think that the person should not send that kind of email because it is just... funny and it reflects your personality too. 

You rasa you betul, you taip and luahkan semuanya, copy to everybody hoping that they will understand and give you support, and when the email have been sent, you sorang sorang getting nervous and anxious waiting if anybody replies. Think again, is it really worth it?

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