Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 Most Memorable Moments

1) Went to Terengganu for my bestfriend’s wedding on January.

2) Saying good bye to my first job after four years.
3) Hello new job!

4) Aquaria on March.

5) Gold Coast Morib Resort for my birthday on April


7) Muhammad Adam Muaz Aqiqah Ceremony on June.


8) Our Aidilfitri.

9) Cameron Highlands on August.

10) Grand Lexis Port Dickson with the whole family on AidilAdha.

11) Switch to another job HAHA. (No interesting picture to be put in -__-)
Too much tears, too many heartbreaks, but the blessings beat everything. I’m just going to embrace everything I have went through, keep my head up to the sky because you know, if it doesn’t break you, it will make you.
New Year’s resolutions? I have soooo many of them HAHA. I love making resolutions; in fact I have resolution for almost everyday.
“Today I’m gonna focus at work, not even a glimpse at Twitter”
“Today I’m gonna pray on time, not to perform Zuhur prayer 10 minutes before Asar so that I can just solat Asar with the same wudhu’” ( so bad of me *sigh)
I think it’s good to always set new resolutions (even if you might not always stick to it), so that you can keep yourselves on track and focus, just make sure that your resolutions are all realistic and achievable lah kan? 

 Happy New Year everyone!
 (The latest awesome foursome, apparently taking family photo is never easy *sigh)

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