Monday, January 14, 2013

Last Day

Recap of the last few days I'm here.

So today is the last day I'm here.

Too many memories.
Not only the most valuable working experience, but also reflected my personal life as well.
This is the first company I joined right after I graduated. I've grew up ever since.
Here, I met my husband.
Getting married. And straightaway getting pregnant hihi.
Here, my water broke, where my colleagues experience panic attack forcing me to stop doing whatever it is I'm doing (tengah tunggu TAC number Maybank2U untuk bayar PTPTN masa tu HAHA), and straightaway went to the hospital.
Here, they see me getting pregnant twice LOL.
My colleagues, are the best colleagues I ever wished for. Personally.
They can give you advises like brothers, sisters, and even like a father.
Kami bercerita pasal anak-anak, pasal parenthood, about marriage and talk about future like we have a clue.
Mereka bergurau sangat kasar, tapi langsung tak melukakan hati.
They were just so cool like that.
They've watched me laughed, they've seen me cried.
They've watched me grow, from a skinny (kahkah pernah ke skinny?), to a fatty T_T

Think they will be missing me?

Not really, already looking for replacement, someone hotter, younger, and of course, single. Tak guna -__-

I'm gonna miss you, guys.
Kita akan selalu berjumpa, I know.
Don't ever forget me in your events, especially event makan-makan tehehe. That is what I missed the most about this company T_T

And please look after my husband. Especially when the new hotter-younger-single staff come in. Seronoklah dia isteri tercinta dah tak ada di depan mata selalu. Well maybe I need to appoint an unpaid spy here. Or maybe penuhkan dashboard kereta dia dengan diapers anak, just so people know that he's a father of two. HEHE.

Thank you for everything. Sorry for everything.
Till we meet again, lots of love.


  1. Suruh En Husband akak guna baju 'I am husband and a father' pegi tmpt kerja. Hahaha.. Anyways, good luck utk tmpat kerja yg baru. Yeah, sometimes perlu beralih ke tmpt baru bcause thats life, mmg sentiasa belajar. Hiks. GOOD LUCK!!

  2. assalamualaikum kak husna..
    sy silent reader akak..
    actually.. sy suggest blog akak tuk segmen blogger yg berkarier dlm blog sbb sy rase blog antara blog yg bagus..
    jgn terkejut klo tetibe ramai visitor ye.. anyway gudluck 4 ur new working place..

  3. good luck kak una! semoga Allah permudahkan segalanya :)

  4. good luck husna... rezeki dpt baby nie

  5. Thank you all! Harap sangat semuanya baik-baik saje.

    Ebony Jewel: Oh patutlah tiba-tiba followers cepat je bertambah. Hehe segan je. Thank you!

  6. keje kat mana plak..tukar cawangan ke.

  7. aslkum.. u have so nice blog ...bleh sy follow u? if can pls follow me back ya.. thx =_=