Thursday, January 31, 2013


It's been a while eh.
My new job is great, so far.
My new colleagues are great, so far.
Hehe, yeah because it's just too early to judge kan?

Life is very-very hectic, very-very busy, very-very tiring.
My husband has been my hero, ya Allah there's no word can perfectly describe how much I appreciate what he has done to us, his sacrifice.

Ammar Yusuf.. Oh that little fella, mungkin disebabkan masa yang semakin limited untuk spend dengan dia, setiap saat bersama dia aku cuba manfaatkan sebaik mungkin. Cuba ajar mana yang mampu, colors, vehicles, new words, cuba banyak bersabar (sebab dia semakin banyak akal, semakin lasak, semakin pandai menunjukkan emosinya), cuba buat dia tak rasa lonely. He knows too many words I lost count already, and I'm so grateful to Allah that despite of such a little time I spent with him everyday, he learns very fast, he's so blessed with such a spongy brain. Cepat sangat tangkap. Yesterday Mama introduced Imran (my nephew) as his Abang, and it doesn't took long that suddenly he keeps calling him Abang after that and I'm so proud of him. Well, typical mother I am ;)

I hope I can blog more often, just so I can always keep track of my son's development, but I don't really think it is possible for the moment. Too many tasks in hand, too many new things to learn yet too little time, too many datelines to catch.

Til we meet again next time, oh do follow me on Instagram. Tu pun dah lama tak upload gambar baru *sobs* but it's a lot easier Instagramming rather than blogging. Kan?

Til then, lots of love.

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  1. Mish yuuu!

    Haaa no sweet-sweet time dah eh? Tak nak on Skype lagi? Ke kena blocked entertainment semua?

  2. i just follow u tapi suka baca writing u. please write more :)

  3. Take care husna..enjpy your time with ammar yusuf..
    me, sometimes kesian kat my faheem bila tak boleh nk layan dia macam dulu since dah ada baby faqeeh..
    huhu~ I hope he knows that no matter what i love both of them equal..