Wednesday, October 10, 2012

My Husband, My Bestfriend

One day, out of frustration, I said to my husband,

"I feel like we're more like bestfriends, than husband and wife!" and slamming the door hard. HAHA no of course not, I never slammed the door, it's like so inappropriate and disrespectful. I mana pandai nak naik hantu mengamuk macam orang gila, if I am too mad/sad/frustrated, I'll just cry silently, and give him the most painful silent treatment hehehe.

Yes, we're really like bestfriends. We talk about football, we try new adventurous things together, we give the most sincere opinion about each other, we discuss about every new gadgets in town, we laugh hysterically at dirty jokes, we argue about hot girls and cute guys, and stuffs. We don't take unnecessary things seriously, we're having so much fun with everything we have and we live our life to the fullest. We are indeed, bestfriends. 

Should I be upset?
That we're not like all those mushy-mushy romantic couple all the time?

On second thoughts, I know I shouldn't be, because.. 

"That is why I love you more, Sayang. Because you're my bestfriend. Bestfriends stay forever, we can never leave our bestfriend. No matter what happened.." so he says.


ettyzukhair said...

i myself married to my bestfriend!! the best bestfriend ever!! haha!!

.: Si BungaKopi : . said...

yg tu la lebih baik..aaaaahh. tensen jeles.

YanaHime said...

hik! br je up entry suamiku, bffku...ok, interprem kejap...anyway, best klu boleh jd best freind ni. but freind yes, tp akak suka cr gaduh dgn dia sbb klu gaduh bl berbaik tu yg best...ops! hehe...

p/s; better jgn try cara akak ni...menguji mental btl

hazwani hussin said...

better suami kita yang jadi bestfriend. boleh share macam2.