Saturday, April 14, 2012

My Bucket List - 30 Things I Want to Do Before I Turn 30

Ehem, silent please. An old lady is about to come. Yeah today, I'm 27. I'M OLD OMAGAD OMAGADD.. Hee excuse my bimbotic statement, I'm not usually this annoying (eventhough my husband always says with full of sarcasm "I'm marrying you for your annoyance attitude" kahkah! I know he didn't really mean that kan Sayang kannn??).

So, 27. Which means I am three years away from the big 3-0. 30 marks a milestone in everybody's life so it's only natural you would evaluate your life when you reach this age. No?

It was all started when my husband and I were listening to FlyFM one fine morning, when they talked about things to be achieved/done before we turn 30. Then I straightaway challenged him,

"Jom buat Bucket List nak? And by 30 kita tengok siapa achieve dulu?"

Hubby protested, "Mana aci, Abang next year dah 30. B ada 3 tahun lagi."

Hee. He's got a point there ;) Tapi boleh je kalau nak compete, it's never too late kan? *cabar*. So, here's my list.
  1. Learn to swim. Already started last 2 months, currently at Breast Stroke :)

  2. Learn to sew. Must be able to sew my own baju kurung and baju Melayu for both my guys before 30.

  3. Own a house. This one is in progress, waiting for S&P and I'll officially be landlady yeay hopefully tak jadi annoying landlady yang datang spotcheck rumah sewa every week tengok ada student bawa balik boyfriend ke rumah ke apa amboi kalah JAIS :/)

  4. Learn Mandarin. At least, understand Mandarin, to be able to speak and write in Mandarin is a bonus.

  5. Go snorkeling and experience marine life up close and personal.

  6. Start running and complete a marathon.

  7. Travel to at least three different countries. Bermula dengan Thailand, this November. Hopefully cuaca baik masa itu.

  8. Climb a hill or a mountain. Broga Hill is also counts :D

  9. Have at least 2 kids. One more Daddy! Hehe gatai.

  10. Get better in Photoshop. Better means, more than just crop, brighten. . .

  11. Re-read and try to understand the entire Al-Quran together with Tafsir. Bukan hanya baca tanpa memahami apa-apa.

  12. Have at least four-figures amount in my saving account.

  13. Be a volunteer to charitable organizations or spend time helping unfortunate children at the hospitals.

  14. Pay off more than half of my student loan. Kalau dapat settle habis, even better.

  15. Buy something ridiculously expensive (handbags/gadgets/etc), just because I deserve it.

  16. Finish every unread or half-read book in this house (so far there are more than 5 books left unread :/)

  17. Get our house renovated or at least painted, to put more colors than as it is now. Which is white :/

  18. Go on a hot air balloon ride. Those at Putrajaya tu pun okay eventhough they said it's not worth, price-wise.

  19. Have a skin-care regimen and an exercise routine. And stick with it. Kulit muka sensitif ni mungkin memerlukan product seperti SK-II (hints to Hubby :p)

  20. Be able to cook at least one really great meal. Menu yang boleh dibanggakan bila ada tetamu datang rumah. Not just ayam masak merah, or sup telur T_T

  21. Work in a career that I love. I mean, karier yang aku betul-betul minat walaupun gaji tak seberapa. Okay part gaji tu aku tipu, aku nak kerja yang aku suka, tapi gaji besar juga. Oh come on, who doesn't?

  22. Bring my kid(s) to Disneyland! Disneyland Hongkong pun boleh ;)

  23. Get ear pierce. Pernah tindik sekali, tapi allergic ke apa entah dah tutup pun lubang tu.

  24. Attend a professional short-course with certificate that would enhance my resume. Maybe ambil exam jadi Professional Engineer. Just maybe.

  25. Have an oven and bake very frequently. I always dreamt of baking a yummy cake, bagi pada jiran-jiran and the neighbours are still talking about how delicious the cake is for the next 10 years, like what happened to Mama :D

  26. Donate blood. So far belum pernah berani nak derma darah. Harap badan je besar tapi penakut -__-

  27. Overcomed my phobia towards cats. I love cats, especially the adorable ones. But, I can not bear touching them, or even let them come near me.

  28. Speak a better English on daily basis with my husband and kid(s). Bukan English cacamarba hentam kromo as it is now :p

  29. Make a significant change in someone's life. Helping people with every chance I get.

  30. Don’t be limited by the thoughts and ideas of others — live my own life without regrets!

There you have it. Maybe for some of you this list sounds lame, like "Oh my God dia dah 27 pun belum pernah pergi Disneyland belum pandai masak belum itu belum ini..?!". Yeah, hence, the list. And maybe ada perkara lain yang uols rasa I must have/achieve before 30, your suggestions are most welcome. Or maybe ada yang berkongsi impian yang sama, why not we do it together?

I'm glad if I can include my husband and my son towards making these dreams reality, I planned to, actually, like what we've been doing for #1. That's what marriage is all about right? Doing cool things together, make our dreams come true.



  1. ok ini membuatkan nor nak buat bucket list jugak :)

    erm donate blood tu tak sakit tau, kalau sakit cakap nanti nor belanja *bagi semangat sikit

    tips: jgn tengok jarum masuk badan ;)

  2. Husna, you gave birth ok, GAVE BIRTH! (and going for 2nd one - bucket list no 9), so no 26 tu hanyalah kacang sahaja, trust me.

  3. Ayamak dua-dua orang cakap pasal blood donation T___T
    Betul juga. I gave birth, it was even hard than donating blood.

    But.. but.. I heard, ada yang pengsan lepas derma darah. . . .

  4. hohoho! bucket list...gud luck for you both...Yana tak tersenarai sbb dh masuk 30th

    1. Hehehe thank you. Ala kalau nak join boleh je, cuma tukar target umur saje ;)

  5. huyooo Kak Una
    30 benda tuuu
    dulu zazaw ambil paper Mandarin :)
    hhihi. ni hao ma jiejie?

    happy birthday Kak Una

  6. Salam. Happy belated day!!! Teng tereng teng tereng!! Happy birthday to you.. teng tereng!! Semoga dimurahkan rezeki princess una. Goyang kaki baca sume entri kamo.

  7. salam..hey nice blog! follow mine ^_^

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  9. dear,

    try g link nih...still ada promotion lagi :)