Friday, February 18, 2011

After some time..

It's been a while, well, exactly a month since the last time I've been here. Not that I purposely like, "Erm.. What if I wait for a month to write a new post, see what people will say, gehehehe", no no.. Perasan like that. It's just a coincidence, yeah, coincidence. Apa aku tulis ni? God I've lost my writing skills zzzzzzzzzzz.....

Like I lost my handphone. Tsk. Last Tuesday (cuti Maulidur Rasul) my husband and I were spending our time at IKEA, just for having their famous meatballs there. YE KITORANG PERGI SANA SEMATA-MATA NAK MAKAN MEATBALL -___-. Lepas beli 2-3 barang and after finding out that no interested movie currently showing, we decided to just go home, and it was raining heavily. Lebat gila that turun-turun je kereta kami terpaksa berlari-lari like romantik gilew berlari dalam hujan berdua-duaan cuma hakikatnya taklah romantik mana sebab Suami berlari dalam hujan dengan membawa rail penyangkut baju seberat 5kilogram baru beli kat IKEA tadi T_T. And that was when my handphone accidentally dropped and dikutip oleh orang India.

Sedap kau tuduh orang India. Why I said so? Sebab tengah-tengah malam Rabu tu ada someone called my husband's cell using my number and left a voicemail, dalam bahasa India T_T. After waiting the person to call back yesterday which end up with nothing, I began to lose hope of getting it back. It's almost impossible, I do realized that. Pasrah. Clumsiness really cost me now. And to my surprise, my husband didn't mad at me (as he usually did when I did something like tertinggal kunci rumah kat rumah Kakna dan terpaksa berpatah balik sejauh 10 kilometer semata-mata untuk ambil kunci kalau tak terpaksalah tidur dalam kereta T_T).

OK enough with the sad story. It was sad indeed. Cliche, we never know what we've got until it's gone. Now only I realized how much the phone means to me. So peeps, if there's anything you may just email me or leave a Facebook message, I biasanya akan on Facebook sekejap at night using my husband's iPhone. A new iPhone for me? Maybe not, at least not now. Pegang phone pun jarang-jarang, tambah dengan careless tak sudah-sudah, rugi je beli phone mahal-mahal. Maybe I'll be using my husband's old BlackBerry for temporary, tengoklah macam mana.

Well, the past few weeks have been quite tough for me physically (due to pregnancy) and emotionally (due to something not worth written in here). That was one of the reason I prevent myself from writing anything in this page, for a fear that I might write something emotional and unwise which probably would cost me evenworse. But it was funny though, because I received a message on Facebook asking this, "Kau ada masalah rumahtangga ke? Korang gaduh ke sekarang? Dah lama tak blog." It is a big NO, it has nothing to do with my marriage for God sake, and thanks for concerning T_T

I've seen a lot recently. The dark sides of the social networks, to be precise. Blog, Facebook, Twitter, etc. I'm not going to elaborate more on this, just as a reminder to myself and perhaps for others too. Think before you write or say something out loud. Even if you're just trying to be plain honest. Perhaps honesty is no longer the best policy nowadays, I don't know. Being silent doesn't mean I'm afraid, but there's no use fighting a losing battle. Yet, just because we're losing, doesn't mean we're lost, right? We never know how hazardous words could be. And for me, I just take it as one valuable lesson and a great experience on how people changed, how possible for people to turn completely the other way around from what we've expected all these while, kita ingat dia tak baik rupa-rupanya baik, kita ingat dia baik rupa-rupanya tak baik something like that.. It's really a wake up call for me, and I've learnt something I would never trade for the whole world.

Nevertheless, I'm still trying to live my life to the fullest as what I always did =) I'm still having a morning sickness but not as terrible as before, still having continuous headache everytime in front of the computer, still scare my husband with sudden stomach ache in the car which forced him to drive at the highest speed all the way to the hospital (where all the worries disappear when the doctor showed the scan image of our healthy baby inside..). I can't be thankful enough to Allah for all the blesses :')

'Til we meet again, readers. Ada reader lagi ke ni? T_T.. Perhaps in a month time with the latest photo of me showing my pregnancy bump? Can't wait to wear my new pregnancy dresses (dah siap-siap beli masa sale tehehe :p).

P/S: Please excuse my Grammar/words construction, I prefer English to express myself better but doesn't mean that my English is good. As-Salam.


  1. eh,sama la.dulu pun pernah pergi IKEA semata-mata nak makan meatball.haha

  2. yeay :D finally ada entry baru.missing ur blog so much sis.anyway,take gud care of urself.

  3. okay kenapa ramai sangat hilang handphone ni. aku pun sama. T_T

  4. psl hp tu...hurm..xde rezeki la tu...zella pon prnh hilang hp, rs ralat sgt sbb sendiri yg careless...

    gud luck and take care!!
    xsbr nk tgk husna pkai pregnancy dresses mesti cute!! ;)

  5. miss u dalam blog kak una.

    anyways, i kenal u dari dulu memang macm tuh. i rasa mmg dah takleh buat pape ur clumsiness tuh. just keep it low je lah okay. hehe. :)

    take good care of urself!

  6. huhu..tadi adik angkat kawan aku tjatuh henset dlm lubang toilet meraung dia dlm mid valley..hehe

    aku ingatkan ko dlam proses mengajar baby supaya jgn suka berblogging. rupanya aku clap.