Thursday, December 16, 2010


Linda is having some issues with her friend, Jefrey.
'Having some issues' might be a bit understatement - Linda really hates Jefrey.
But one absurd thing about this situation is, she requested to be friends with Jefrey's wife, Mel in Facebook.
What makes thing funny is, she never know Mel, except that Mel is Jefrey's wife.
Mel accepted her request, as she believed that she got nothing to do with her husband and that girl's issues, regardless the fact that she actually should concern more about Jefrey's past.

Yes, Mel SHOULD concern. Because apparently Linda has something in her mind when she wanted to be friends with Mel.


Get a life, stalker.


  1. betul. so skrg linda should filter her friends in facebook.

  2. so... who's stalking whom actually in this so-called drama? XD

    dan saya rasa ayat pertama perenggan terakhir ada tertinggal satu perkataan. Shouldn't it be 'Yes, Mel SHOULD be concerned.'?

    papepun hai~ saya Atun.

  3. f.a.r.a.h:
    salah lah bro, Mel yang kena filter. haish.

    Cik Atun Banyak Nama:
    hi Atun :)
    well, i believed there's nothing wrong with the original sentence. thanks for trying.