Sunday, May 10, 2009

its all about mama :)

dear mama..

i know that i've caused so much trouble since i was born.

  • i know it was very hard to deliver me, the 3.5kg baby girl, in the most luxurious hospital in kl evenmore. haha :p (sib baik TV3 yg borne all the costs)
  • i know that i've been very fussy when i was a baby, i didnt want to be hold by any other person but mama, not even the maid, not even the nanny. so mama la yg kena dukung sy yg berat ni all the time everywhere. huhu.

ungratefully, i grow up as a very rebellious little girl.

  • i know that i've caused soo much headache to mama due to my disobedient behaviour. (joined my brothers doing things against mama's approval, ptg raya dgn still pakai baju kurung bawak beskal laju2 lumbe dgn budak lelaki, pastu jatuh koyak rabak baju. mama mengamuk mcm ape pastu. haha :p).
  • umur 5 thn merengek2 nak pakai rantai tgn emas yg ada loceng kecik2 tu (tanak kalah dgn kakak2 :p), sekejap je pakai da terputus n jatuh kat mana tah. mama naik angin lg. hoho..
  • umur 8thn tulis "dikna x suke mama" byk2 smpai penuh 1 kertas then sengaja tinggal atas meja nak bg mama baca. (reason: mama rotan dgn hanger sbb habiskan sume air dlm tong buat main simbah2 time krisis air melanda 1 kampung. hoho). teruk tol perangai.. *sigh*
  • time darjah 2 mogok lapar when mama refused to sign my report card only bcuz i got 84% for my english test (that was the 1st time i got below 90 for my english). dulu mama was soooo strict when it comes to this subject. huhu. then dgn adik2 tade lak strict2 :(
  • sgt kerap sy konon2 berdoa supaya Tuhan temukan sy dgn ibu sy yg sebenar sbb sy rase sy cuma anak angkat yg asik kena marah saje. haha bodo gile time tu :))

secondary school, my rebellious behaviour become worse.

  • selalu juga mama dipanggil dtg skolah sbb sy asik buat perangai je.
  • sick of mama's rule, i get out from the house in the morning leaving a note saying that i cant take it anymore, but petang tu da balik sbab lapar lak :p
  • mama stop talking to me almost 2 weeks bcuz of that.
  • the night before PMR, i cried begging for forgiveness, that my sister for no reason crying too. haha :p kelaka lak time tu.

done with the high school, i was accepted to do my diploma, at Jengka! (omg)

  • that was the first time sy berjauhan dgn family. i begin to miss mama the very 1st day i was there.
  • being far away make me i realized how important mama in my life.
  • i called mama almost everyday during the earliest time i began my undergraduate life.
  • i still remember the day i secretly back from Jengka to KL w/o telling anybody, mama was so surprised to see me that she kissed me on both cheeks. hehe :p
  • there was one day my big brother complained. "kalau org Jengka ni balik la br nk masak sedap2". (haha jeles la tu :p).

further to bachelor's degree at Shah Alam, things can never get even better :)

  • me & mama have become much2 closer, more likely a besfren to each other.
  • i still remember there was 1 night mama come wif baba bwk lauk2 and a lot of raw foods, afta knowing that i only eat biscuits for 3 days. baba said,"ni mama la ni beria2 suruh baba bwk dtg tgk husna". huhu.. sedihnye duk umah sewe tade duit :(
  • when i was broken-hearted, mama had always being a shoulder to cry on. i can see that mama was far more disappointed than i was, seeing how terrible my condition is..
  • mama called me almost everyday eversince that, to make sure that i was fine.
it will be never enuff to write how meaningful mama in my life. too many downfall, too many many heartbroken and tears, mama would never give up to be still by my side. no matter how much trouble i've caused, mama is the only one who never stop loving me. no matter how every single person in this world counters me, i believe that mama would always hav faith in me, no matter how bad people judge my appearance, i never give a damn when i already have mama's approval prior to that, mama knows me inside out, mama is the only one i ever trust.. segala yg sy usahakan, semuanya utk mama.. mama is my everything...


Thursday, May 7, 2009

The SMARTEST woman..

  • Treats every break-up as his loss. Why confuse things for yourself?

  • Knows its never smart to give away all your power, but it's also never smart to usurp all his power either.

  • Knows high maintenance women are like high maintenance cars. Fun to loook at; but very not practical both financially and emotionally.

  • Knows how to say "NO!" even when her body is screaming "YES!!". They understand the value of delayed gratification.

  • Knows if you're trying to sell yourself, you're selling yourself short. You ought to be complete with or without him.
  • Knows men like women who know how to let go and move on. If it's over, it's over.

  • Knows men like women who understand the concept of Private Space. You've got yours, he's got his.

  • Knows men like women who carry their own baggage. Do not make your problem his, and he won't make his problem yours.
  • Knows men like women who like themselves. there's nothing SEXIER than that...

Monday, May 4, 2009

thoughts become things~the law of attraction :)

don't compare urself wif anyone in this world,
if u compare, u are insulting urself..

no one will manufacture a lock without a key,
similarly God won't give problems without solutions..

life laughs at u when u are unhappy,
life smiles at u when u are happy,
life salutes u when u make others happy :)

every successful person has a painful story,
every painful story has a successful ending,
accept the pain and get ready for success..

EASY is to judge the mistakes of others,
DIFFICULT is to recognize our own mistakes..
it is easier to protect ur feet with slippers than to cover the earth with carpet..

no one can go back and change a bad beginning;
but anyone can start now and create a successful ending..

if a problem can be solved, no need to worry about it.
if it cannot be solved what is the use of worrying..?

if u miss an opportunity don't fill the eyes with tears.
it will hide another better opportunity in front of you..

"Changing the Face" can change nothing,
But "Facing the Change" can change everything..

dont complain about others;
change urself if u want peace..

mistakes are painful when they happen..
but years later collection of mistakes is called experience,
which leads to success..

be bold when u loose and be calm when u win..

heated gold becomes ornament, beaten copper becomes wires,
depleted stone becomes statue..
so the more pain u get in life u become more valuable...


to Rahmah & Sue: thanx dear, it touched. luv ya! :)

p/s: there are several grammatical errors in the lyrics of d above video. i just downloaded it from youtube, mls lak nak wat correction :p