Wednesday, April 29, 2009

girls just wanna have some fun :D

10.30pm. just arrived home. ladies' nite wif my precious sue n my dearest+craziest juniors farah n waniey :) we met at tms square at 6 rite afta i finished work. initially i plan nak dinner at secret recipe since i'm craving of secret recipe's tomyam kung+green apple kasturi+choc banana cake+lasagna+... hey stop! adakah anda sudah lupa tentang berat badan anda yg semakin meruncing? hoho :p but sampai2 je farah cepat je ckp nak makan pizza.. ala farah ni.. huh x kisah la, tp sempat agi i ckp, "nti abes makan pizza kite singgah gak secret recipe beli kek tau" sambil mulut muncung sedepa bajet nak majuk. haha ngade lebey :p

so pegi la kami ke BB mkn pizza, kami di served oleh sorg mat bangla ke pakistan ke hindustan ke ape tah yg bernama kabir (sempat lak dak waniey ni tgk nametag waiter tu, haha :p). dan seperti biasa kami makan dgn riang gembira! :D yeay, berjaye merosakkan diet waniey! farah mkn prawn olio large, ulang suara, LARGE.. heh, n waniey tanak kalah dia pun order meetball bolognaise, juga bersaiz L. heh diet konon :p i dgn sue je mkn pizza+chicken wing..

wif waniey yg konon tgh diet :p

sue: "betul na, u nampak sgt ramping berseri.. :)"
farah (ckp dlm ati): "huh, kak sue ni kalo nak tipu pun agak2 la.. punye la gmok kak una tu.."

sy la yg plg muda di antara sume :D (haha, pdahal plg tua :p)

done wif the foods kami pegi low yat where farah is looking for a new digicam as a bday present to herself. haha xley blah.. sempat jugak la usha DSLR Nikon, which yg D80 pun da RM3450, and according to farah the gadget gurl, its rather expensive. i hanya mengangguk2 setuju, ia mmg mahal. huk. then ingat nak tapaukan Big Apple Donat for these gurls, tp x sempat lak. ala next time k.. td pun my other junior kerol sms me ckp kelua x ajak pun, ala dear, next time la k. there's always another time. aku ade je kat kl ni, bile2 ley hangout :)

city girls! (perlu ke sue pakai same kaler dgnku. cis)

owh i really luv spending time wif them.. and sue dear, i'm gonna miss u damn much afta this, really hate part nak bpisah td. entah bile blh jumpe agi.. *sob sob* :(

to farah and waniey, konvo nanti kite btanding keanggunan la yea. korg pakai la cun2, leh i rekemenkan dgn my brother yg sebaye korg tu. haha.. luv u girls! hugs~ :))

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

what can i do when EATING is my passion?! *sigh

ok these are the situations:
  • sy adalah seorg gadis yg berketinggian 1.62 m wif BMI of 21.1 (so anda blh agak la berat bdn sy berape)
  • ibu saya adalah suri rumah sepenuh masa, dan spt ibu2 lain, mama sgt pndai memasak :D
  • bapa sy pula sgt suka beli pelbagai jenis makanan setiap kali balik smyg isyak. (da nak tdo da tp bila baba bwk balik byk mkanan best, xkan sy ley tdo dgn tenangnya n amik bau je. haha. so, late-nite-bite everyday! huk..)
  • sy adalah penggemar tegar choc, aiskrim dan kek :)
  • everytime i'm feeling unhappy, i tend to find sumthing sweet to cheer me up. (now things are pretty easier cuz there's dunkin' donat nearby :D)
  • sy dikeliling kwn2 baik yg sgt suke ajak hangout lepak2 cerita. n bila da lepak2 tu mesti la mkn2 gak kan :D what to do? they make me happy!
  • ironinya, sy seorg yg sgt la image-conscious! ouh no..
  • biasanya sy akan mkn dgn riangnya, tp bila berat bdn mula membimbangkan or bila baju2 mula mengecik, i tend to get worried+anxious too much dan mula berazam mcm2 to overcome it. (or at least cut down my fat consuming, no sugar!)
  • tp mlgnya keazaman itu hanya sementara dan akan lenyap ditelan zaman bile sy terjumpe secret recipe or haagen dazs or anything yg seangkatan dgnnya. waaaa!!
  • mungkinkah sy mengalami kecelaruan identiti (seperti kata jim just now ttg sifat kasarku)?
  • seriously i think half of my salary dihabiskan utk makanan saje :(

thats the situation. the question is, ada x cara utk sy mengurangkan berat bdn and stay slim without sacrificing my passion towards food? haha.. what a wonderful world :)

Sunday, April 26, 2009

why should i care?

mood:harsh+sick of it

planning on sumthing.
i dont care what they say.
i know myself better.
i dont need any sort of male-chauvinist advice.they never know how much i've struggled to be at this stage.
they never know how much i've suffered.
what had happened,
probably some are due to my mistakes.
but i didnt ever regret.
it just a part of life.
when u involved sumone else in ur world.

what done is done.
there's no use looking back.
i'm all by my own, i do every decision for my living.i've my own flaws,
but i learnt from that.
even thru the hardest way.
i know what i'm doing.
dont act like u know me very well.
even mama never criticized me blindly.
dont mess with my life,
cuz i never hold any interest with yours.
please respect my stand,
it should never even be your concern.

try to act like a bestfriend who knows me inside out?
sorry, i have ENOUGH bestfriends who sincerely care about me..
looking cheerful all the time, doesnt mean that i'm emotionless!
that u can say anything wif no regard of my sensitivity..
u know what?
it hurts...

p.s: being alone? yes i'm scared, but i'm strong..

Friday, April 24, 2009

guys vs gurls

kenapa susah sgt nak faham perempuan?
i'm asking this to myself btw..
i can get along very well wif the guys, but why is it so hard to be the same with the gurls?
i can speak my mind mostly everytime i'm wif those of opposite gender, but why bila dgn perempuan i have to think very carefully before i say anything?
adakah ini cuma perasaan sy sahaja,
or is it because that the gurls are more sensitive than the guys indeed?
owh c'mon la..
that explained why i'm having more male friends rather than female friends..
ok let me siyesly count my close friends that remain until now, since my primary school. hik:)
geng sekolah rendah+kelas mengaji tok sidek:6 org (live around my neighbourhood)
geng sekolah menengah:10 org (7 guys+3 gurls) (mostly stay nearby)
geng universiti:the closest ones are 6 (my housemates)+4 other gurls+several male friends.

all of us are still keep ourselves in touch until now. these gurls are the most understandable women i know, who know me well n i can truly be myself everytime wif them..

but frankly speeking, women are very complex (aside of the gurls that i've known very well),
b4 this i used to think very positively that there's always a bright sides in every person.
i used to think that if i dont get myself in trouble with anybody, or if i didnt interfere in anybody's affair, things will always be fine.
yes, saya anggap semua org baik.
unfortunately that concept couldnt necessarily applied in many situation.
sebenarnya kalau kita x cari pasal pon, kemungkinan utk org membenci kita tetap ada.
it is due to many reasons, jealousy is part of them.
i once read 1 email sent by sum1 i cant recall,
"sebab utama orang membenci anda adalah kerana dia ingin menjadi seperti anda"
do u find think that these words do make sense in certain circumstances?
honestly, I DO..

being a grown-up, i learn a lot.
bukan semua org berfikiran mcm kita.
the best way is always put urself alert with the surroundings.
i didnt have much problem with the guys since their mind is transparent, its not so hard to adapt with the guys' mind so far.
never meant to blow my own horn too loudly, but i learn from what i've gone thru, my brothers and also my close male frens that treat me like one of the guys too.
i'm soo used wif the guys' talk-football, cars, gadgets or even pretty gurls..
being with the guys is rather comfortable, honestly, since they talk straight even it might sound harsh, they hardly pretend and always support each other.
they rarely look at u from top to toe, analysing what brand of clothes u're wearing or praising u with the biggest smile in front but talking evil bout u at the back..
i'm not talking this generally but this is from my experience instead.
guys could hav a better friendship quality, n funnily sumtimes they can be ur gossipmate better than the gurls! hehe :p
i treat my close male n female friends equivalently since they read my mind very well so there will be no heart feelings involved..
that is why i'm hardly be bought by any flirtatious talks or any sweet calls by the guys, cuz i'm so aware that guys will always be guys..
flirting is guys' normal behaviour. owh dont get mad my dear frens, just admit k? :p
ironically, sgt kerap juga sy dijadikan a shoulder to cry on oleh kwn2 lelaki yg putus cinta, that totally amazed me on how soft the man's heart can be in d critical situation..

being single at this age can be challenging too, ppl tend to get the wrong idea of ur frenship with the guys.
i'm heart-proof of all the gossips, as long as it caused me no harm, i dont give a damn at all..
i know myself very well, i know my fully protected-heart even better..
ramai je kwn2 sy yg cantik2 tapi still single lagi, thinking of them really makes me relieved :)

ok enuff, too much already.
long story short, dont judge a book by its cover.
sumtimes the outside might looks gorgeous, but only to cover up the ugliness inside.
and its vice versa.
a so-so looking can also have a tremendously beautiful features within =)
like these phrase that i learn from kak farah today.
"if u keep on judging ppl, u'll have no time to luv them"

p/s:this post has no intention of isolating my gurlfrens at all. u know that u're are still my precious! (^_^)

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

sweet 18 =p

yela2.. fine, its 24 :) muda lagi kan? kan2? hehe..

new resolutions;
  • smile more often :D
  • helping more ppl wif every chance i got!
  • less clumsy (heel termasuk dlm lubang, restart pc instead of shutting it down, saying YES to the simple thing that supposed to be NO, sending sms to the wrong person.. urgghh.. no more afta this ok!)
  • more financially organized (ni mcm berat sikit je nak buat ni.. hik*)
  • more competetive among those skillful engineers :)
  • be stronger (nak kena pegi site kat pedalaman sabah tu, so kena la jd gagah perkasa :p)
  • erm.. husna dear, the word 'stronger' above tu, maybe referring to ur inner side kot.. (owh really? i think i'm emotionally strong enuff what. hehe :p)
  • turunkan berat bdn!!!!!!!
  • read as much as possible. u know ppl, if u spend RM1000 a year for books, u'll be entitled to get income tax reduction tau! (T&C applied :p)
  • be the best aunty for my kids!
  • be the best sister for my 2 lil' brothers n sister.
  • be the best daughter to my parents. (asik2 kakna je mendapat pujian.. huhu)

  • the super-intelligent Dr. Hana Hadzarami (i envy her siyesly.. *struggle!*)

  • stay healthy so that i can look afta my parents longer :)
  • positive-thinking mode continues!
  • enjoy life to the max, appreciate ppl around me, live young, n happy always! =)

new book begins, its a very long way to go.. Happy Birthday Princess! sweet 18 :) haha, tbe2 jadi lg muda dr man & lah, sure bengang je adik2ku yg besa cm gergasi tu.. :p

little brothers? not so little pon kan? :p from left: Lah, 20 & Man, 22
GOD BLESS!! (^_^)

Sunday, April 12, 2009

besfwen 4ever ^_~

hehe.. (blom pape da gelak :p). for most ppl, the words 'besfwen 4ever' are just sumthing usual & ordinary, but in my family that words are smthing so funny n we always make fun of it. hehe :) the story began here, when there was 1 fine day that my 5-year-old niece aina declared that her 6-year-old brother ipan is her besfwen 4ever, but ipan beria2 menafikan. malu la tu, maklum la dpan rakan2 sebaya. x macho la besfwen 4ver dgn adik pompuan! haha :p but looking at these pictures below, kan ke sgt obvious that they're totally besfwen 4ever? haha :p

everytime keluar mkn mesti nak dduk sebelah2 :)

walaupun b'gaduh, tp tetap nak share 1 seat dlm kete :)

main pon same2 :)

swimming pon same2 :)

tidak ketinggalan berganding bahu bergotong royong same2 :p

same2 comot makan bday cake. haha :p

and yg plg x ley bla, posing pon nak same! =))

alaina izzahdurra+abdullah mohammed al-irfan=besfwen 4ever :D

the BESFWEN 4EVER wif antina :D

hehe. but this post bukan la psl besfwen 4ever my beloved kids tu, but its about me n mama yg da declare sbg besfwen 4ever td. haha :) yela b4 that kan i da ckp dgn mama that i wont share anything wif her anymore (majuk konon :p), since mama asik la x sependapat dgn saya sejak kes ari tu (pls refer my previous post bertajuk Miss On-Her-Own?). it happened this way. heh, semangat ni nak cite :P today when i just arrived from kakna's house, i had a chat wif mama, da lama x jumpa (i sleep over umah kakna since last friday), then mama asked any new story bout me, but i said nothing special cuz i malas nak pjg2 kan apa2. mama tu kang nanti lg panjang citenye. heh. then suddenly mama said, "mama bukannye ape, kite kan besfwen 4ever, so besfwen kena la saling bterus-terang".. haha..! tergelak terus i lepas tu.. then wif the laugh remained i said, "br nak ckp sue je besfwen 4ever dekna, dia sorang je sokong dekna psl ni tau" (ngade2 x saye? :p) haha..

me & sue besfwen 4ever :)

so now back to normal, everything goes very2 well for me. i think mama get boring la since i stop sharing things wif her for the past week. tu yang mama surrender & declare us as besfwen 4ever as what we used to be tu. haha :)) i know she will finally get me well. happynye rase mama is back on my side. now i wont give a damn on what other ppl say bout me, cuz i have mama's full support and thats the only thing that matters. syg mama! :D

me & mama are back as besfwen 4ever :)) what a bliss!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

ku mohon..

i wonder what had gotten my mind these 2-3 days. neither too tired nor stressed up wif the work burden. but i dont think there's anything to do wif my job (well, yeah, aside of i might pushing myself too hard to compete-being Miss Competetive??? *sigh*) i dont know.. it is.. hmm.. sorrow inside.. its been ages i never feel this way.. the feeling is sumthing like, running away from sumthing, hiding, denying.. until at 1 point i just feel like.. exhausted~~!

i wish i could be able to cry, so that i would feel much better. but God i'm awfully tearless, and my inside seemed freezing, dry n cold.. as cold as my heart.. kenapa smpai ke tahap ni sekali Husna.. my heart is extremely firm to the extend that my mom herself had given up of persuading me...

"learn? da byk i belajar but i x pernah belajar utk x menerima org lain lagi.."

these words that came from my gud fren had strucked me good, seriously. i was stunned n startled, before i went astray.. lately i tend to walk alone at the middle of the city right afta i finished work.. walking and thinking, buying unnecessary things that make me happy, strolling down the streets regardless ppl weird looking of the way i dressed, smile seeing above the sky wif the thought of enjoying my freedom moment.. am i live in denial? strongly denied the fact that i'm actually.. well.. my heart beating very fast only to even think bout it..! i NEVER live the past for God sake.. but i'm truly learn from it..


to someone: i'm so sorry.. there's nothing wrong with u, but i just can't..

to myself: things gonna be fine Husna, dont worry..~

Monday, April 6, 2009

Goodbye Friendster!

I've cancelled my Friendster account last night, for several reasons:
  1. I'm switching to Facebook which is much cooler :)
  2. Out of about 600 people in my Friendster friendlists, only around 200 of them are really the people i know. The rest? *sigh*
  3. I was annoyed receiving email from friendster stating "Your Friend Wants to Share an Application"..
  4. Ermm.. What else huh.. Maybe i just wanna do it, it's my account right? Do i really need to explain why I've been doing that?

To all my friends (i mean, MY FRIENDS), be keep in touch via Facebook, just adding me up by typing Husna Hadzarami, with subject to approval :)

P/s: Great Monday morning, today on the way to work i was happily saying hello to makcik2 jiran2 i yg tengah jalan kaki beli nasi lemak, then they asked, "Laa.. kerja dah ke kau ni? Kenape tak sambung belajar?".. and then they seemed shock after i told them that i've just finished my bachelor's degree last year.. Rupa2nye diorang ingat i baru habis SPM la! Haha.. awet muda rupenye aku ni. Adakah selama ni makcik2 tu ingat i adalah anak bongsu Ustaz Hadzarami? Haha~~ :)) Tersenyum2 saya sepanjang jalan pergi kerja td =) So who said Monday morning will always be a Black Monday??

To adik2 saya (Man, Lah & Myra): Don't hate your cute-loveable sister for looking younger than all of you :p

To Mr. K yang tak percaya cerita i tadi: jangan la jeles bro, face it!