Friday, March 27, 2009


this post is dedicated to my dear farah.. it wasnt sumthing new cuz i've once posted this on my fs blog very long time ago. however at this moment, i supposed these words realy comply wif her situation..

if u find urself in luv wif someone, n that someone doesn't luv u, be gentle to urself.. there's nothing wrong wif u.. but luv just did not choose to rest in that someone's heart..

if u find someone in luv wif u and u can not answer that luv, feel honoured that luv has came by and called on ur door.. but gently refuse the feeling u can not return, as luv did not choose to settle in ur heart..

if u find urself in luv with someone and the luv returns, it still can happen that the luv chooses to leave.. do not try to reclaim it and do not assess any blame.. let it go.. despite the pain, there is a reason and meaning to this.. u can not chooses luv by urself.. LOVE CHOOSES YOU.....

well sista, its better to get hurt by the truth than comforted with a lie.. things gonna be fine soon farah, pls dont take it too hard.. u deserve way better than this. ur heart is no good until it has been broken for at least 10 times (thanx sue!). whenever u need some1 to hold, aside of ur chubby waniey, u always hav this chubby kak una too :) luv ya!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

my 1st day

today is my 1st day working! heheh~
i got called from the boss last nite,
asking me to come over this morning..
nothing much to say, its still early to say anything kn..
but so far everything seemed fine..
all i can say for the 1st day are:
my working place is accessible..
the boss is cool & considerable..
the staffs n d other engineers seemed friendly n helpful..
and the salary offered is reasonable (heh :P)
well, these are d 3 main things that i always tend to put more consent in all this while. so thats it.

everything seemed ok la for the 1st day.
aside of i'm a bit terrified when they said,
"finally we hav project engineer for the civil & structural part!"
(most of them are from mechanical field i think..*sigh*)
i hav to deal a lot wif autoCAD n microsoft project (which i'm not really good in. waaa!!)
as i always mentioned, i just luv designing, not drawing or managing.. huhu..
eventho i've learn bout those CAD n microsoft project during college time, but since i dont really like it (bley lak pilih2 nak suke ape), i'm nothing more than like a newborn for those tasks..
so wiken ni kena la struggle revise balik both softwares.
(tpakse banje taponk kat mcD sbb nk soh die ajar. huh)

i've decided to be all out for this job, since i've being jobless for a very long period of time.
(sume org pon tau kn :P)
pls dear frens, pls pray for me.. really hope that i will last longer in this company. huhu..
husna hadzarami, berusaha!! =))

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

sue hilang laptop (again!)

i was shock like hell receiving sms from my dear sue sounding this, "laptop i hilang!".. omg, this is her 2nd time lost, 2-2 pon laptop baru! i called her immediately n she seemed tearless, maybe she was just too shock, hard to believe n despair.. pity her, i've been thru her situation when my new laptop was stolen bout 3 years ago. her 1st laptop was stolen 3 months afta mine. but now 2nd time going thru the same trouble, what a mess! its gonna b very hard for her. da la final year student, there should be a lot of important n irreplaceable stuffs inside. i can really feel the pain she suffers..

last 2 months laptop nana kena ragut right depan tangga kondo dia, owh what the hell is happening in this world nowadays! kenapa ada org jahat cmtu? as what i've read in The Kite Runner, "THERE IS NO ACT MORE WRETCHED THAN STEALING!".. shouldn't they afraid of God's resentment? hav they ever heard of 'what goes around comes around'? hav they lost their senses of humanity? marahnye saye! :((

hmm.. really hope there's anything i can do to help her.. *sigh* :(

Monday, March 16, 2009

Asha makeover

I think my youngest niece Arissa Ilhamzahra or adorably called Baby Asha is too bored with her look, so she decided to do some makeover to herself, using Bibik Marini's make up! GOTCHAAA! Takut gila muka dia time kantoi rosakkan lipstik bibik. Ohhh.. Senyap senyap Asha buat kerja dalam bilik ya! Dah la after that susah gila nak hilangkan kesan lipstik tu, habis Kakna punye Shu Eemura make up remover guna untuk bersihkan muka Asha. Nasib baik bibik baik hati tak mintak ganti rugi lipstik dia tu.

Asha selepas terkantoi :))

Moral of the story:

  1. Never place your cosmetics at somewhere reachable by 1.0 meter little girl.
  2. Never let your daughter/niece/sister watching too much tv as they would easily influenced by the celebs look, even if she's only a 1 and half year-old kid. (Tanamkan dalam diri anak anak anda bahawa natural beauty itu lebih baik)

Thursday, March 12, 2009

3rd interview today

saya da pegi 5 interviews, juge da tolak 3 interviews..
adakah saya akan dibalas Tuhan kerana menolak 3 peluang pkerjaan yg diberi? :(

yesterday i just declined an interview offer as Junior Civil Engineer at MKP Holdings Sdn Bhd. located at balakong. jauh la, baba dgr pon just geleng2 kepale n simply ask me to go by myself driving his volvo, alone. (as Becky Bloomwood, aside of clumsy n shopaholic, i'm a lousy driver too. huhu. i think everybody knows bout my driving history wif JPJ long time ago. hoho).

today around 10am i got called from 1 consultant cmpany located at s.alam, asking me to come an interview for the position of Structural Engineer at 530pm. i yg tgh mamai time tu terus say yes je w/o asking the exact location of the place (kantoi kul 10 pon x bgn agi. haha :P). after i da normal sket, i called back the cmpany, well, its not just s.alam, but sek 31 s.alam (mane tah tu, 2 thn dok s.alam x pnah smpai pon situ). i x kisah pon nk pegi, tp mama la.. (haha suke2 salahkan mama :P) mama said "x yah la, jauh sgt. rmai warga asing tau kat sane, x takut ke". n i dgn senang hatinye called back the company to turn down the offer. (dont blame me for being anak yg taat ok. haha. padahal mls nk pegi :P)

dan seperti dijangka saya telah pon dileteri oleh kawan2 baikku yg amat prihatin dan mengambil berat ttg diriku. (mmg la diorg mbebel, cuz lagi2 diorg jugak yg sakit telinge kne layan i bsg2 pasal x dpt keje. hahaha :P). kwn2ku yg prihatin juga sanggup twrkan diri anta i pegi interview so that i tade alasan agi nak ponteng2. kwn2ku yg prihatin tu juga da byk bg address2 soh i apply cari keje lantaran da x tahan lagi dgr i mrungut2 tade keje. hehe. jasa baik kalian xkan kulupakan. nti if nti i da dpt keje korg sebut je nak ape, u name it, u got it! :) (janji manis seorang penganggur. hahaha :P)

but of course u hav to understand me la, i live wif my parents yg bknnye muda lagi. my house is still under renovation so byk bnde i perlu tlg kat umah ni. xkan nak bia my 74-year-old baba uruskan umah lagi. yeah i know, in this global economic-recession era, i shouldn't be too choosy in selecting job, but i dont do it in purpose, u should know that. byk bnde i kena consider, since i haven't married yet, apa salahnya saya 'memilih' kerja yg membolehkan saya ddk rumah family so that i can look after my parents very closely? whats a big deal of still being daddy's lil' girl at 24? they always know whats best for me. i can see that mama seemed unwilling to let me live far away again. u know, there were a lot of things i've done against my parents' advice, but later provenly they were right n i was wrong n everything ended up me regretting it, crying at their shoulder saying, "i'm so sorry, i should listen to u from the beginning". (sigh*)

so now i hope everyone wud understand why am i seemed very particular in job selection. b4 this i used to look at the wage offered, but after 3 months being unemployed, that doesnt matter anymore.. as baba said, "ada rezeki ada la, Allah Maha Mengetahui :)". yea, just enjoy myself for the time being. tomorrow at 9am i got facial appointment at AsterSpring, at noon i hav to go to cyberjaya fetching myra at school, evening pegi condo nana to enjoy the swimming pool n sauna provided there, sabtu i've promised to join ja's party, sunday teman my sister shopping (there's MPH Stock Clearance Promotion at PJ. bestnye!). ceh, bz mengalahkan org keje.. hehe :) till then for now..

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Adik saya yg 'bertuah'

Oyah dah balik hostel. Mama dan baba pergi Cyberjaya hantar dia tadi.. Selain membawa pelbagai bekalan makanan yang banyak, dia juga tidak ketinggalan merembat perfume ku.. Grr.. "Ala Kak Una kan pakai yang Clinique tu je.. Yang ni bagi la orang pinjam.." (Dia lupa ke kakak dia ni dah tak berkerjaya, seronok je nak pau aku)

Hmm.. Speaking of perfume, i'm actually bukan la perfume collector pun.. Maybe i pernah la pakai several brands of perfume (Davidoff Cool Water, DKNY Be Delicious, etc.). But since i changed to Clinique Happy Heart 2 years ago, i never shift to any other brand. From 1 bottle to another, i'm just stick to it. This fragrance suits me very well, you know, i'm not just love it, i'm addicted to it!:) Some people are more into flowery scent, or maybe fruity aroma (tak boleh blah bau buah, dulu i pernah beli Ralph Lauren apa entah tapi end up bg kat Oyah since i can't stand with that fruity scent. Actually terbeli yang tu gara gara terpengaruh dgn promoter Ralph Lauren yg kacak.. Haha) Oyah gak yg bertuah.. Ok back to the topic of my favourite fragrance, as for me, my preference is more into sophisticated and elegance fragrance (eceh :P). Bau yg membuatkan saya bersemangat untuk melakukan aktiviti harian dan meningkatkan keyakinan diri.. Anyway, lain org lain citarasa kan?

Dah dah, nak pergi buat sesuatu yg saya sgt suka>>> MAKAN!:)) Hari ni mama masak ayam paprik. Best!!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Sometimes love just ain't enough..

there's nothing much interesting today.. except of myra ade kat umah since yesterday, she got an MC for having backbone break due to her olahraga.. (kononnye sakit sgt tp bile da ada kat umah ok je tgk. manje je lbey. huh). last nite mama, myra n i watched P.S. I Love You movie version starring Hillary Swank n Gerald Butler. it was a novel-based movie, i actually quite reluctant to watch this since i haven't finished the novel yet (i just learn that if the movie is based on novel, u better read the novel 1st, talking from my experience of watching The Kite Runner which the novel is magnificient-for heaven sake, but the movie is ntah ape2). P.S. I Love You which released on 2007 is a romantic-comedy movie that really touch my heart (my tear drops like non-stop but still sumtimes i laughed like hell at the funny parts :P) mst ramai yg da tgk kot cite ni.. n rite now we just finished watching 27 Dresses.. 2 nites in a row watching this type of movies not to mention that i just finished my reading of Shopaholic-Ties the Knot (again, its all about marriage, duhh??). hm.. sumtimes it kinda brings a strange emotion inside me, sumthing like, "wow, its sooo wonderful to be the BRIDE!", but then i'll come to my senses that marriage is still at the bottom of my agenda. huhu.

well, whats a big deal bout STILL single at the age of 24? thank God i live in an open-minded surrounding where nobody seemed realy cares bout my status. but sumtimes i cant help rase a bit geram when ppl asik la make fun of my luv history (mama n myra are included! nk kne btol ni, hoho..). what to do? maybe i'm not a gf type, or maybe i'm just not ready, or maybe i'm too terrified of commitment, or maybe guys nowadays yg too afraid to have commitment wif me (haha :P). this evening my neighbour gave my dad a pamphlet of kursus pra-perkahwinan organized by his cmpany, i ckp la dgn mama, "ma, dikna nak gi la kursus ni =)" but mama was just laugh n said funnily, "bf pon tade nk pegi kursus kawen". mama ni kan =( i pnah je innocently asked, "ma if sampai umo 30thn dikna x kawen agi mama kisah x?" usually mama will just laugh n shake her head saying how ridiculous my thought is (but i know she'll be fine wif that, mama kan cool :P) 1 lg yg annoyed me is myra bdk tembam tu, asik la ketawekan aku psl all these bf stuffs.. esp bile dgr lagu SoKo~I'll Kill Her. she'll laugh like hell saying, "lagu ni btol2 mcm kak una la!" ceh.. (1 day i'll KICK her to the ground! i tell ya. heh..). come on la wey, i never hold any grudge towards anybody related to my past. yeah, since i can see that everyone is happy this way, what more should i ask? =)

i'm enjoying every single moment i have, really =). my life is much2 better than b4, i got everything i've wanted. i even hav a good relationship wif everybody, wif all ppl that i luv, n all ppl who luv me :D things can never get even better than this. as the quiz i've answered in CLEO a couple months ago about COULD YOU LIVE WITHOUT A LOVER OR DO YOU NEED A MAN? my score saying this (eventho i cheated a bit to get this score. just a bit ok? haha! :P):

"u do not hav a problem here. u're perfectly capable of being content on ur own and u know who u are. good for u. bcuz being alone is not a last resort for u. u do not need to rush into rash relationship or stay in relationship that are no longer working for u. u're LUCKY u hav all the choices open to u"

hehe.. thats it, superwoman isn't it? =) ala ade jodoh ade la. just go wif the flow, i rather keep everything to God's grace. maybe i'm too bz for all this bf stuffs (eceh :P), n perhaps i'm just too scared. thinking no one could be able to open my door... hm.. tgk je la, if cite psl bf beria2 last2 x kawen pon can be embarassing gak kan? hmm.. as Frank Sinatra's song My Way, 'i planned each charted course, each careful step..' hey, dont worry! everything's gonna be fine, Princess =)

hoping for a miracle..?