Thursday, December 31, 2009

What a wonderful year :)

2009 has been a very great year for me, Alhamdulillah.
  • I've graduated successfully with a good pointer (considering that saya sangat2 malas belajar dulu).
  • I managed to get myself into my dream job, to work together with great colleagues and being paid handsomely.
  • I possess my own first car with my own efforts. (I named it Baby initially, but now i'm thinking of changing the name to Pendekar to sound more masculine. Heheh..)
  • I met a great-hilarious guy who loves me and makes me laugh wholeheartedly thus its been ages i've been sad-i even forgot how to cry :)
  • I have a tremendously wonderful relationship with my family, we hang out more often, we talked like nothing else matters, and we loved each other even more :)
And this significant year has almost comes to an end, to move to another year. A greater year hopefully. Welcome 2010.
Resolutions? Well, i won't ask for much. I just hope this year will bring more happiness to me, and to all people that i love :)
Happy New Year buddies! (^_^)v


  1. Heppy New Year Gorgeous!
    hehe..wish u da best of luck for 2010!!

  2. hepi nuyer :D
    perlu ke ckp? satgi jumpe gak kat bilik.

  3. May The Year 2010 bring for you happiness,success and filled with peace...:)

  4. Pendekar? macam kurang gagah jer namanya tuh. Anyway, my Saga BLM yang dah calar balar dalam setahun nih namanya Ein (i know this is not related to your topiC :))
    Sounds like you granted so much of happiness in 2009, thanks to Allah **and never forget to said it through you pray**. Expect some challenge in 2010 (as life is like circle, sometimes you up, some other time you down) and trust me, you will face great difficult work life later (if not sooner). But be strong and hold tight to your fundamental of life, then only you can survive, with colourful result!