Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Promosi lagi (^_^)v

I fall in love with this blog.
It's damn cool, i luv how the language has been arranged.
It feels something like.. The rush of adrenaline i should say.. Everytime i read this..
Guys please have a read, it shall be good to improve your English :)
It'll makes you think more, and worked out your brain.

Oyah tak habis2 cakap, "Teringin la nak jumpa dia!!!"
Betul2 budak remaja la minah ni.... (-_-")



  1. janganla boco rasie kat siniiiiii.
    hahahahaha. :">

  2. you're a good writer too, Miss superwoman. Your entries were lively and heartedfully written. I fall in love with the superwoman in you! :">

  3. kak una, u mesti amek die dari link i eh?

    btw, i love his blog too. best gak. ;p

  4. narissa: 'dia' refers to the writer of the blog yg saya link kan tu la :)

    oyah: macam fantek tersipu2 (-_-")

    larasephia: *blushed* thanks, i feel blessed and truly appreciate that. yours are good too btw :)

    farah: yup2. i amik dari link u. best la, adore his writings :)

  5. i'msosupernotcool: hehe.. just keep on writing, u're born to be a writer :)

  6. ~ o kesah nyer..ekekeke..sorik arr lemau..