Thursday, March 19, 2009

my 1st day

Today is my 1st day working! heheh~
I got called from the boss last nite,
asking me to come over this morning..
nothing much to say, its still early to say anything kn..
But so far everything seemed fine..
All i can say for the 1st day are:
My working place is accessible..
The boss is cool & considerable..
The staffs n d other engineers seemed friendly n helpful..
And the salary offered is reasonable (heh :P)
Well, these are d 3 main things that i always tend to put more consent in all this while. So thats it.

Everything seemed ok la for the 1st day.
Aside of i'm a bit terrified when they said,
"Finally we have Project Engineer for civil & structural part!"
(Most of them are from mechanical field i think..*sigh*)
I have to deal a lot with autoCAD n Microsoft Project (which i'm not really good in. Waaa!!)
As i always mentioned, i just love designing, not drawing or managing.. huhu..
Eventho i've learn bout those CAD n microsoft project during college time, but since i dont really like it (bley lak pilih2 nak suke ape), i'm nothing more than like a newborn for those tasks..
So wiken ni kena la struggle revise balik both softwares.
(Terpakse belanja Taponk kat McD sbb nk suruh dia ajar. huh)

I've decided to be all out for this job, since i've being jobless for a very long period of time.
(sume org pon tau kn :P)
Please dear friends, please pray for me.. really hope that i will last longer in this company. huhu..
husna hadzarami, berusaha!! =))


  1. hey fren...1st of last u r one of the project engineer..haha..but..y dunt u share wit us..what company r choose..the construction one or d consultancy..if related to d ms project, it will be construction rite?? or..urm..i dunno..hahha...wat eva it is..urmm..the best of luck to u..working environment is not same wit study is the tough part for me..i have to take much time to familiar with the working give up..pandang kehadapan..dunt be afraid for d cabaran that will wait for engineer, (haha, so funny that name but u deserve for it)gambate ne!!!

  2. All da best ek 'HOT ENGINEER'!!!huhuhuhu