Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Mama & Baba

Having hi-tea with my parents yesterday evening, seeing my parents having a chat, laugh at each other’s jokes.. Hmm, it does touched me inside, deeply. Am i going to have this kind of blissful moment at latest age of mine..? 35 years of happy marriage.. Its kinda amazing seeing how they getting along very well since mama and baba both at the first place are from different background, different states n different ways of thinking..

Well, let me tell this. Baba is a soft-spoken religious Kelantanese whose one of the hobby is writing literature (poetry is included!), while Mama is an outspoken anak jati KL who grew up in an English-spoken and modern surroundings. Sometimes i can't help questioning how was everything going at the very initial moment they gotta know each other? Baba is someone who’s sooo into sastera Melayu while Mama speaks no other languange but English. OMG, mesti susah nak understand each other masa awal berkenalan dulu kan..?

But undoubtedly everything went very well. Yeah there were of course a boon n a bane somewhere n sometimes but as time goes by, things can never get even better :) They just show us how harmony the life is, they complete each other, they combined both their specialties n bestowed all of those to all the 8 of us. Baba is a pure Kelantanese but he now can speaks and understands English very well - thanks to Mama ( so people, stop all the believes such those born in the east side will never be good in English!) I have to admit that Baba has a strict-looking that tends to scare most of my male friends. Everytime nak ajak i keluar they can't help asking this, “Baba kau ada kat rumah tak Na?” Haha. But i think most of my dear friends just got my dad very wrong. My Baba is very friendly n gracious even to strangers, helpful, sincere and has a very very soft-hearted, for God sake (that sometimes people misused it by taking advantage of him-in terms of money-i don't have to tell this). Nevertheless, my dad’s best words are, “Halalkan saja..”. Hehe. Even if it kinda ‘gnashing Mama’s teeth’ most of the time, but don't worry Baba, Dikna still think that you’re the coolest dad ever!
aidilfitri 2008- mama & baba wif part of us =)

The very best part is, hmm.. At their leisure time Mama n Baba will sit together at the veranda or so-called Baba’s office (its Baba’s favorite place to finish his reading), where in here Mama will let Baba corrects her doa, her zikir n asks Baba about hukum hukum that she might uncertain about. They’ll discuss and change opinion on something that happen these days (that includes politics etc). Sometimes i join them (yes i DO), resting my head at Mama’s shoulder as i always do, gazing n just listening to them. At that moment, i was like.. Oh, Mama is so LUCKY to be with a man like Baba. i can't help looking at myself, am i going to have a husband with this kinda guardian-angel character? That will correct me when i’m wrong. Yang tanpa jemu membimbing i, yg akan memperbetulkan bacaan sembahyang i, yang akan ajar i doa doa baru, yang betul betul menanam keyakinan bahawa hanya Allah yang menentukan segalanya.. yang will genuinely say ’til death do us apart’..? Yeah we’re not live in luxury, but we never lack of love n faith towards each other.. I believe all parents are wonderful riight? So my friends, do appreciate them while u still have the chance to do so.. May GOD bless all fabulous parents all over the world!


  1. haha.. why dunt u share wit us how ur parent knew each othr.. i mean..how they met bfr married..urm..how their love begin..ur parent bring good culture to raise up u guys..

    ur parent are d romatik one..yeah..every1 wanna to have that kind of family...

  2. really? thanx, i'm honoured :)) my dad previously keje at TV3, mama kat kedutaan jepun. they met each other masa baba buat liputan kat japan embassy tu. its a long story indeed.
    well.. semua ibubapa adalah insan yg hebat, n of course ur parents is great too, rite?:)

  3. tv3??urm..do u tin there are some vacancy for me at tv3? civil eng, fresh grad..haha.. well..act i dunt like my baba..urm...i need time to fallen luv wit my dad..haha..well..diff ppl got diff situation..

  4. TV3? no wonder ur father look familiar.tpi sape lelaki yang paling depan dlm gambr tu?sejuk hati tgk wajah mama una.

  5. thats my little bro yg x berape little la :p
    name die man
    umo 22 thn
    he's pilot tau, jgn memaen :P
    single agi.. :))

  6. una adik beradik berapa org?blh citer skit ttg fmly una smpi ke anak buah hihihihi?i suka tgk fmly una.dri gambr aje, sejuk ati dbuatnye.Una byk2 bsyukur tau diatas kurniaan besar ini...i wish to hv a family like your family.

  7. there are sometimes when i dont really love my dad as compare to my mums. but that feeling gone now, and i really appreciate both of them as much as i can.
    accident in life bring us lesson. a hard lesson. and hardly forgoten lesson too!
    yup, you got me right.
    just mingle around with 'Anon' identity instead of my own name; that bring me freedom to write without any barrier.
    actual aku ada masalah sikit, so I want to get out from this virtual life for a while. but i still cant stop visiting my favourite blog and comment as 'anon'. unfortunately, your blog fall within my favourite tag too!
    so, sorry, cause you will se 'Anon' again and again here. (but of course you will catch me from my writing style i suppose)
    err. mana ada orang tulis panjang2nih.sigh