Thursday, February 26, 2009

Hari ini birthday JA =)

I'm changing the layout again :P
Yelah, saya budak baru belajar, kalau salah tolong tunjukkan. Haha..
See the owl on the tree there?
Mama ckp I got that owl's eyes, mata bulat. Ceh..
Tak comel pun :(
Macam mata buntang Ja je kan? :P
Ja turns 24 today! (laa baru 24 ke? I thought dah 28 :P)

She called me this noon (you know kan Maxis birthday gift dapat free call sehari).
We talked like non-stop about 2 hours, giggling n laughing like hell! =))
She said I'm the first person she called today, and I'm honoured!
(Yeah right, macam aku tak tahu je mestilah dia call cik abang dia dulu).
Soo many things came out, from my sudden relationship that surprised her a lot to her first visit to her future in-laws next week (wow!).
We even planned to organize a grand party together :)
(saja je kau nak jimat duit kan??)
Oh I miss dear Ja so much! Rindu nak jalan sama2 (eventhough I have to wear high-heels everytime i go out with her),
rindu saat2 dia datang menyemak bilik I dengan Sue and tiba2 tidur tengah2 antara kami (padahal punyalah rimas time tu, huh),
I miss Ja yang helpful, banyak tolomg I buat concrete for my final year project.
Eventhough she looks skinny but she's stronger than me!
Miss her cooks as well (Ja pandai masak tau!)
Miss her silly jokes (haha you guys really gotta know her :P)

On Deqya's 23rd birthday: sharing is LOVING (wekk!)
Concrete lab: she did helped me a lot! :)

Concrete lab again: memantau curing process..
KFC: after berbuka puasa :)

Visit Terengganu 2008: you jump, I jump.

Below i just wanna share you ucapan Ja for my 23rd birthday last year, maaf zahir batin ye :P haha..!

p/s: Not forgetting i would like to wish a very happy birthday to my long-time-no-see friend, Azrin Helmi a.k.a HANK, who turns 25 today! Have a blissful moment yea, God bless u =))

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